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This is our About / Contact Us Page! Thanks for stopping!

     Just down home folk who live on the Back Roads of Kentucky. We enjoy each others company and do most of our activities together. We love God and our Country. We believe in good old down home country family values.

     We were both raised in the opinion that if ya follow God, work hard and smart ya will succeed! We have both worked hard and now we have begun this journey of Blogging and sharing our stories and recipes.

     We enjoy sharing recipes of our own and those our family has passed down or those we find appealing online! This will be as mixed up as our neighbors are here on the Back Roads around us! (Hope my neighbors don't read this part 🙂

     If you have a Recipe you would like to share with us please feel free to contact us.

     We hope you enjoy your visit and please come again! 🙂

     Hugs to Y'all!

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