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How To Attract Honey Bees In Your Area

After reading an article on how to attract Honey Bees in a local magazine, I thought it might be interesting to share these ideas with our readers.We're not talking about any ole bee. We're talking about

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Daylight Savings Time 2021 Getting Ready To Cope

When Did Daylight Savings Time Begin?In 1966 the Us Congress passed The Uniform Time Act of 1966 standardized time zones and daylight saving practices around the United States.How this has affected people

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How to Repel Snakes ~ Keep them Away

In this article on How to repel snakes we will try to keep the first part of it on natural remedies.Snakes are reptiles and have been around from the beginning of time. Remember the Garden of Eden?Snakes

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Brood X Cicadas Invasion ~ Are you Ready?

Brood X Cicadas Invasion The Brood X Cicadas Invasion is on it's way! Are you ready for them? Well, ready or not, here they come!This brood is predicted to be the largest brood ever since they were first

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Reuses for Pickle Juice 12 Ways To Use It

              I had never thought there would be so many reuses for pickle juice.     After researching a little, I found several way to reuse pickle juice

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Growing Vegetables in Bags without a Garden

Growing in Bags without a Garden     You don’t need a large garden space to grow a few vegetables. You won't need shovels, hoes, tillers, etc.      Just a bag or two

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How to purify water. Water is Essential for Life!

Table of Contents 1.WHY WE NEED WATER2.Water Fact:3.How do you know if you are getting dehydrated?4.How To Purify Water! WHY WE NEED WATER    

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Dollar Tree Prepping Short Term

     Welcome to the Dollar Tree Prepping article. In this article we hope to help you find and use items from the Dollar Tree.     When thinking about prepping you need to

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Macbook Pro Post To Instagram How To

How To Use a Macbook Pro To Post To Instagram     In this post we will guide you through the steps you will need to use in order to use a Macbook Pro to post to Instagram. As of this post

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Recipe Holder Handmade DIY Brown Lunch Bags

Recipe Holder Handmade Project     In this project we are making a recipe holder from brown lunch bags. The project is not very expensive unless you have to go out and purchase all of your

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Medication For Hay Fever Using Natural Remedies

Medication For Hay Fever and How To Cope     Hay fever s nothing to sneeze at!  No doubt you will be sneezing a lot if you are susceptible to it! Everyone who suffers from hay fever

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Long Shelf Life Foods For Survival

     When we address Long Shelf Life Foods, the first thing I want to mention are some of the foods that will bring, or can bring us some comfort during disasters or trying times. These

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