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By entering our Vegetable and Garden Seed Giveaway below you have the opportunity to win all kinds of vegetables and flowers for free.

We ship to you free of charge. All you have to do to win is enter, then claim your seeds on our List of Giveaway Winners Page.

Our Gift Card Giveaway is picked on a once weekly basis. We normally choose 3 winners each weekend. To claim this Giveaway, you need to go to the List of Winners Giveaway Page as well and claim your prize.

These Giveaways are free to anyone who wants to get some FREE Vegetable or Flowers Seeds as well as FREE Gift Cards.

Remember, you can enter the Free Giveaways Daily!

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Enter below to Win FREE GIFT CARDS WEEKLY! 

Cards are chosen every weekend! Be sure to check back daily on our List of Winners Giveaway Page to see if you are a winner.

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