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Dollar Tree Prepping Short Term

     Welcome to the Dollar Tree Prepping article. In this article we hope to help you find and use items from the Dollar Tree.     When thinking about prepping you need to

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Recipe Holder Handmade DIY Brown Lunch Bags

Recipe Holder Handmade Project     In this project we are making a recipe holder from brown lunch bags. The project is not very expensive unless you have to go out and purchase all of your

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Handmade Bookmarks with Note Space

My inspiration for these handmade bookmarks come from a dislike for the bland white background on most bookmarks. The backs of most bookmarks are pretty bland or white in general and not much to look at.These

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What is the Standard Pallet size? I see this question a lot lately on the Internet. What is the importance of knowing the standard pallet size? Well the number one reason is so you can calculate how many

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The Benefits of Natural Soap and How to Make It

Benefits of Natural Soap and How to Make It When considering the benefits of Natural Soap. It is important to understand the elements that go into making it. Unlike most store-bought varieties, most natural

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30 Kitchen Supply Items we all need

30 Kitchen Supply Items you shouldn’t be without First things first, no matter how great your kitchen supply is there are no substitutes for being ready to cook! Let’s look at some pre-cooking

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Fly Repellent Tips and Traps

   Natural Fly Repellent Tips and Fly Traps! Flies have been a nuisance since the beginning of time! Every generation has tried to figure out how to make a good fly repellent, fly trap

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Vintage Cookie Cutter and Pasta Assortment

This Cookie Cutter and Pasta Cutter Giveaway is for an assortment of both. There are several cookie cutters and the green handled item is a pasta crimper with a changable blade. The brass piece is for

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New Barn Wood Projects in the Near Future!

Hello again, The weather is warming up again here in Kentucky and I am getting in the mood to start working on the old Barn Lumber that I have stacked up against my building again. There will be more chalkboards

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Barn Wood Chalk Boards Making Progress!

Barn Wood Chalk Boards   Hello all, working with Barn Wood is a pleasure that has to be grown into sometimes. It can be very hard to learn to work with the rough cuts of lumber if you are not used

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Antique Dresser Mirror Frame Shelf ~ Back Roads Living

This is a Wall shelf I made from and Antique Dresser Mirror. If you would like to know how just follow the link below for pictures and instructions! You can read how I did this on further down. Thanks.