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Heavenly Skies

Heavenly Skies The Heavenly Skies have always been a mystery to man. The beauty of the sky and it colors have eluded us for centuries. The shapes and contours have always lured us into research to figure

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Gypsy Wagons and People

Gypsy Wagons Gypsy Wagons and peoples have been around for centuries and have always been a mysterious people to many.  They lived from town to town and many times living off what the land provided

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Antique Log Cabins Black & White

Antique Log Cabins This is an Album with 12 Black and White photos of Antique Log Cabins with history associated with them. I have provided information on the ones I found it with. Go ahead and scroll

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Antique Log Cabin 1860’s

Antique Log Cabins 1800’s These photos are of an Antique Log Cabin on the road where I live and the cabin has been in my wife’s family since the 1860’s.  I can just imagine all

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