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Amazon Gift Card Giveaway FREE

$5.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway FREE

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This giveaway is for the Amazon Gift Card pictured below.

Included: 1 - $5.00 eCard to each weekly winner!.

You enter the drawing by leaving your “First and Last” name in the comments located at the bottom of this page. (Only (1) one entry per person day)

We have other giveaways as well and depending on how many you enter will depend on your chances of winning.

The daily giveaways will be listed each day.

This giveaway ($5.00 Gift Card) will be announced once weekly. So, be sure to check back daily and see if you win!

We will post the winners on our List of Winners Page.

Winners will be chosen by random number drawing.  We will count the number of entries and count down from the last entry given..

Winners will have 48 hours (2 Days) from the time we post the winners to claim their prize.

To claim your prize, visit our Contact Us Page and leave us a message with your email that you want the eCard sent to! .

You can revisit the page as many times as you want to check and see if you are a winner.

All prizes are for the USA only. No out of country entries will be counted.

[ THIS GIVEAWAY IS FOR 1 - $5.00 eCard ]

Bookmark this Page to enter daily for more chances at winning!


We appreciate your participating in our giveaways and wish you well. Maybe you will be the winner this time. If not, be sure to check back often as we will be giving away more prizes!

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