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Oak Egg Basket Giveaway Hand Woven

We are giving away this Oak Egg Basket here on Back Roads Living to some lucky person! During the Craft Revival basket weaving or basket making became a very popular thing. Oak egg Baskets are no exception

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Giveaway Calendar 2014 PSALMS

This Giveaway Calendar is for this 2014 Calendar. This is a Psalms Anthems of Praise Calendar. This has some of the most beautiful scenery for the months you ever saw! All scripture is from the King James

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Vintage Grease Drips Jar Giveaway

This Vintage Drips Grease Jar is a wonderful piece and it takes me back a long way! My mother used an aluminum Great Drippins ‘Jar but my Grandmother had a porcelain one like this. Before grease

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Mammy Chef Salt Pepper Giveaway

This is a set of Mammy and Chef Salt and Pepper shakers I picked up on our journeys on the Back Roads. I am not sure of the age but I know there are lots of people who collect this kind of Black Americana

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Vintage Hand Sewn Baby Quilt Giveaway

This is a Hand Sewn Baby Quilt that we have picked up in our travels. I really don’t remember where we found it but when digging through our possessions of old stuff to try to find a Giveaway we

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Shirley Temple Classic Paper Dolls in Color GIVEAWAY

!! GIVEAWAY !! Shirley Temple Classic Paper Dolls in Color  This Volume of the Shirley Temple Paper Dolls has three  full color dolls, each a different size. The largest doll is 20 7/8″ tall,

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