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Vintage Hand Sewn Baby Quilt Giveaway

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This is a Hand Sewn Baby Quilt that we have picked up in our travels. I really don’t remember where we found it but when digging through our possessions of old stuff to try to find a Giveaway we ran across this piece. This is a wonderful hand stitched quilt just right for your collection.

Be sure to follow the link to see the rest of the quilt and find out how to register for this Giveaway!



This quilt measures 48″ x 33″ and has a nice color to it still. The colors are still pretty vibrant as you can see from the pictures.

Quilt 1

The above picture is one end of the quilt. We wanted you to get a good look so you would know what we are giving away. The picture below is the other end of it. The entire quilt is such a nice piece.

Quilt 2The next picture of this lovely Hand Sewn Baby Quilt is a picture of the center of the quilt. We do not want you thinking this is a perfect quilt as it is not. There is a stain of some kind in the middle of it and I am not sure what it is. We will leave the removal of it up tot the winner.

Quilt 3The following picture is or one corner of the hand sewn baby quilt. There are some loose threads here and in a couple of other places but nothing a decent seamstress could not fix. Again, we will leave repairing it up to the winner if they choose to. For myself I would leave it just the way it is because of the authenticity of it but we are all different and like things different.

Quilt 4The last picture is of the back of the hand sewn baby quilt. There is small stain in the upper left hand corner about the size of a quarter. Again, I have no idea what it is. You may or may not be able to get it out but either way, the quilt is free if you are the winner. No cost to you whatsoever!

Quilt 5

To enter this giveaway the rules are very simple.

  • Leave a comment in the “Comment Window” below with your name as it is in your Facebook account.
  • Check back after 12:00 noon on the 25th for the winner to be announced here and on our Facebook Page, Back Roads Living
  • The Giveaway ends Midnight of the 23rd. We will not be announcing the winner until the 25th.
  • You will be notified by email and you will need to respond by the 29th or we will draw a new winner.
  • If you haven’t already we would appreciate it if you would remember to go “LIKE” our Facebook Page.



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