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Goldfinch Print Giveaway

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We here in the Southern United States have been exposed to the beautiful Goldfinch all of our lives. They are a beautiful bird. We are accustom to the American Goldfinch that has a bright yellow body with black markings. They are just so pretty. We are giving away two beautiful prints on wood with a gloss finish. The two prints are both European Goldfinch but they are different species. One is referred to as the European Goldfinch and the other is referred to as the Robin Goldfinch.

The Goldfinch is a small bird with about a 4.5″ to 5.5″ wingspan and most all of them have beautiful color to them. Goldfinches can be identified by their mask. The males have a mask that runs just behind the eyes. The female mask does not take in the eyes. The tails are forked. The Goldfinch favorite food is small seed like the ones from thistles. Bird feeders fall prey to them in the winter and they will eat small insects.


Goldfinch American

The Goldfinch will lay around 4 – 6 eggs and will hatch in 11 – 14 days. The goldfinch will congregate in flocks in the winter numbering up to 40 or so per flock and sometimes more. They havea wonderful soft melody and are a favorite to listen to. They were kept for cage birds for years because of hteir beautiful song. They are still kept in captivity for mating to the Canary for it’s song also! These “Mules” as they are called sometimes have the best of both bird songs in them!

GoldfinchGoldfinch 1Goldfinch 3Goldfinch 4

These two prints on wood with a gloss finish. They are used and havea few mnior scuffs but nothing that marrs the images or display of the prints. They measure 12″ tall x 7 1/2″ wide. The wood is 3/4″ thick. These are going to make someone a very nice wall display. The color is terrific and vibrant!

This giveaway will begin on Wed 12th 2013 and will end Sun 16 2013 at midnight.

  • How to register? Leave a comment in the comment form below.
  • When does this end? Sunday 16th at midnight.
  • How will you be informed? We will send you an email and post it to our Facebook page.
  • How will you receive your prize? We will send it free of charge to the mailing address you specify in your return email.

If you don’t win you can always find some wonderful Goldfinch from our Affiliate below..

Good luck on winning these beautiful prints Goldfinch Prints.

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