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Corn Pudding Recipe Homemade

This corn pudding recipe is one of those old fashioned homemade recipes that is going to be extremely tasty!This is a great dish for a side with prey much any meat you may want to serve. If you have fresh

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Toasted Pecans Recipe Easy and Simple

When one thinks about a toasted pecans recipe, we probably never consider the benefits of pecans.I know when I think about roasted or toasted pecans, I think of cakes and cookies and such. Actually

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Powdered Milk Recipes and Many Uses

One of the best things about powdered milk is it is a shelf stable product. In the following article we will cover some of the powdered milk recipes that are pretty common.  Please feel free to use

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Mom’s Old Fashioned Chili Recipe

Mom's Old Fashioned Chili Recipe is one of those homemade dishes that cab be put on the table in just a short time.A hot meal in just minutes is what most folks are looking for in today's rushed world!

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Easy Molasses Cookies by Grandma

These easy Molasses Cookies are homemade by Grandma! You can make them just as easy and tasty for your favorite crew!Enjoy with a glass of cold milk or hot coffee. They really are not prejudiced toward

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Orange Coconut Shrimp Recipe With Jelly Dip

This Orange Coconut Shrimp Recipe is a delicious dish with the Jelly Dip.This one is a favorite for cast iron cooks! The cast iron gives it a wonderful flavor and as most folks who use cast iron know,

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Butterfinger Poke Cake A Chocolatey Delight

Butterfinger Poke CakeThis butterfinger poke cake is one of those dishes that you will come back for seconds and thirds if you can't restrain yourself!I first thought as I was putting this together that

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Apple Cream Cheese Danish Ready in a Flash

Apple Cream Danish for Breakfast If you are looking for an easy breakfast treat, look no further. This Apple Cream Cheese Danish is as easy as it gets.This is a treat that the kids can even help out with.

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Easy Lemon Cobbler Homemade Goodness

Easy Lemon Cobbler Recipe          Easy Lemon Cobbler is an easy recipe to make. Even the little ones could jump in and join the fun with this one!     Delicious,

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Chicken a la Can YouTube Recipe

Chicken a la Can      A terrific recipe from the pantry from one of our YoutTube Channel Subscriber, Chicken A la Can!!     A couple of times a week, I like to try recipes

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Beer Bread Recipe No Knead The Simple Way

A simple and easy Beer Bread Recipe (No Knead)     This Beer Bread Recipe was submitted to us by one of our YouTube Followers. We have a growing list of recipes that they have sent to us. 

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Easy Drop Biscuits from New York City

Who doesn't love and easy drop biscuit?           Oh my. these are so simple and is a product of our YouTube subscribers!     When making any kind of biscuit,

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