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Long Shelf Life Foods For Survival

Long Shelf Life Foods

     When we address Long Shelf Life Foods, the first thing I want to mention are some of the foods that will bring, or can bring us some comfort during disasters or trying times. These foods are considered flavorful or comfort foods that have a long shelf life. 

Long Shelf Life Foods for Flavor and Comfort

Raw Honey

     This is not the honey you purchase at Walmart or your local grocery store. Most al of those have been processed and do not have all the nutrients of raw honey nor do they have the shelf life of raw honey. Raw honey from a Bee Keeper will last a lifetime if kept properly.  

     If it begins to Crystallize, just run some warm water and allow it to liquify.  Honey will recrystallize over and over again if it isn't used in a short time after opening but that is ok.  You can liquify it over and over and it does not hurt it. Don't set it over a flame or heat it too fast, you will remove the beneficial properties if you do. 

     To research further as to why honey crystalizes, you can go to Honeypedia, they have an excellent article on crystallization of honey.

     Just a couple of benefits of honey are: 

  1. It fights infections
  2. Fights allergies
  3. Good for colds and coughs

     You can find out more about honey on our Youtube Post.

     To find raw honey you may  need to do a search for bee keepers of small farms that harvest it online or begin asking friends. Word of mouth is a wonderful way to find things sometimes. 

Long Shelf Life Foods

Sugar – Brown or White

     Sugar is a source of sweets that will last for up to 2 years if stored properly.  This is another of those foods that can help us relieve stress and concern in dire circumstances.  if we can have just a small bit of joy in hard times, it really helps! White of brown sugar is so good for sweetening those dishes we love so much. This can be purchased in large quantities if you have proper storage.

Long Shelf Life Foods

Iodized Salt

     Oh my goodness, how bland would our foods be without salt?  This is one of those seasonings that have been around for centuries! it has at least a 2 year shelf life if stored properly. This can be purchase in small quantities like the box you see here or it can be purchased in larger 5lb or even 10lb or larger quantities if you have proper storage for it. 

Long Shelf LifeFoods


     Alcohol is a great item to use in flavoring cooking. It can also be used for sterilization. You can sterilize wounds, cuts, and abrasions. This can also be used in helping create fires when used properly.  Always be very caution when handling flammable items around alcohol as it is very combustive. 

     I know, I know, it can be used for sipping if you choose to. Everyone to his own. 

Foods with 2 - 5 Year Shelf Life

Canned Meats of most varieties. 

Long Shelf Life Foods

Canned Vegetables of most varieties.

Long Shelf Life Foods

Canned Tuna, small chunk or other sea foods, such a Wild Alaska Salmon.

Long Shelf Life Foods

Herbs and Spices. These can be in jars as well.

Long Shelf Life Foods

Hard Candy or a mix of it.

Long Shelf Life Foods

         Peanut Butter


Long Shelf Life Foods

                  Potato Flakes

                                                     Powdered Milk

Long Shelf Life Foods

               Ramon Noodle

Instant Coffee -Can last a lifetime!

Long Shelf Life Foods


Foods With 5 - 8 Years Shelf Life

     These foods will be around a long time if kept in proper temperatures and sealed. If you have the ability to cook during a crisis or disaster these will be well received!

                                                All Purpose Flour

Long Shelf Life Foods

                       Corn Meal


Long Shelf Life Foods

           Whole Wheat Flour

Long Shelf Life Foods


The Following foods Have An 8 - 10 Year Shelf Life

                                                Black Eyed Peas

Long Shelf Life Foods

               Kidney Beans

Lima Beans

Long Shelf Life Foods

                      Pinto Beans

Long Shelf Life Foods

  Lentils Beans

Oils With A 2 Year Shelf Life

                                                   Canola Oil

Long Shelf Life Foods

Coconut Oil - Coconut oil has one of the longest shelf lives of any kind of oil. It can last for over 2 years and is a great item to add to your survival food supply list

Long Shelf Life Foods

Olive Oil

Foods With Long Shelf Live That Can Be Used For More Than Cooking

          Apple Cider Vinegar

Long Shelf Life Foods

                Baking Soda

Long Shelf Life Foods

     Raw Honey. Here we are back to one of the Super Foods of nature! Not only does honey have a long shelf life, it is full of benefits to those who use it daily! Along with the benefits listed at the top of the page it has many others. Whe have lots of information in our Tips & Tricks Category on this blog. Be sure to check out our YouTube Video on it and remember to Subscribe while you are there!

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