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The Best Hiking Boots For Men

When we think about hiking and camping there are several things that come to mind and one of them are the shoes or boots we are going to wear.  This is one of the most important pieces of clothing you will buy.  A pair of ill fitting boots that are too tight or too loose will not only make your hike miserable but can damage your feet as well.

Which boots are the Best Hiking Boots for Men?

All Hiking Boots require some breaking in and as we have them listed, the lightweight fabric-leather mix breaks in much faster than the leather boots.  It Is important to break in your boots as soon as possible and this means you need to start wearing them everywhere. The more you walk in them the better and faster they get broke in.  I know you will develop some blisters, especially in the leather boots but better now than on the trail!

Breaking in Leather Hiking Boots.

When breaking in leather hiking boots it will be necessary to wear them and get them broken before you go on your hike. If you fail to do this, your hike can and more than likely will turn into a nightmare.

  • Break them in slow, wear them the first half of the day and then change shoes to give your feet a rest. If not, you will most likely end up with blisters.
  • The heels are very stiff on new leather boots and this area needs broken in as soon as posssible. You can do this by crushing them. Step on the heels or crush them in your hands! This stiff section needs softened up before you will be able to wear them for any length of time on a trail. 
  • Purchase some thick cushioned hiking socks to wear while breaking them in. You will be glad you did. You don’t want to wear loos or baggy sock to do this. IT can add to blisters and uncomfort.
  • The first purchase before even buying hiking boots are blister pads! These will be life savers as you break in your new boots.

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Lightweight boots are great and usually have very good arch support. Most of them will be a fabric and leather mix and have a very good tread that is suitable for hiking.

Nevados mens Talus Ii Mid Hiking Shoe, Dark Tan/Black/Orange, 9.5 US

Binding Apparel
Brand Nevados
Color Dark Tan/Black/Orange
Manufacturer Nevados Mens Shoes
Model CG169
Part Number V1129M-EBO
Product Group Shoes
Size 9.5
Price Disclaimer

When it comes to selecting a boot for most of us our wallet will determine the type or style that we purchase. There are many different hiking boots to choose from.  Much depends also on the duration of your hike, so we are going to list a few different types of boots for you to choose from. These will all have a 4-star rating or better from other hikers just like your self! Better to trust those who have gone before us and done the trail and error!

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The following hiking boots offer a good price range and I am sure there will be some hiking boots that will not only suite your taste but your wallet also.

The medium weight hiking fabric-leather boots weigh just a little more than the lightweight boots and usually have a little higher top. These usually have a good arch and good tread also.  They tend to give a little more protection from the rough areas of the trails.  You can find a few that are waterproofed with Gortex. These are not as durable as all leather boots but you can get as much as 1,000 miles out a pair of these sometimes.

Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, Medium Brown, 10

Binding Shoes
Brand Timberland
Color Dark Brown
Manufacturer Timberland
Model TB0A64P
Part Number TB012135214
Product Group Shoes
Size 10
Price Disclaimer

Medium weight leather boots are of course heavier than the fabric-leather boots.  These will not be near as flexible as the fabric mix boots.  These will of course, offer more protection than the fabric mix as they are all leather.  Even in water, they will protect you better than the fabric mix. They are also much easier repaired than the other.  This is especially important if you are doing a long hike of several days journey and need a boot repaired on the trail.

Note: See out instruction on how to break in leather boots above!

Merrell womens Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe Taupe 6.5 M US

Binding Apparel
Brand Merrell
Color Taupe
Manufacturer Merrell
Model J86612
Number Of Items 1
Part Number J86612
Product Group Shoes
Size 6.5
Price Disclaimer

Heavyweight Leather Boots will often weigh 5 pound or more per pair.  These are often referred to as Mountaineer Boots! These are very solid made and almost indestructible! These will last and last! They do not break in fast! Rather they may break you in! You need strong legs to do long hikes in the Heavyweight boots!

Chippewa 5154CHO Men's 1969 Original Kush N Kollara Boot 9.5 E US Brown

Binding Misc.
Brand Chippewa
Model 5154CHO
Part Number 5154CHO-9.5
Product Group Shoes
Size 9.5 Wide
Price Disclaimer
Note: Remember, it is of utmost importance to break in leather boots before you go on your hike!

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