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What to bring Camping for Overnight

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What to bring Camping

What to bring Camping

What to bring camping is a question we hear at Back Roads Living throughout the year. Folk’s camp year round and we are just going to cover a few of the basic need sin this article. With these items you should be able to enjoy a overnight camp.

To start packing for your first overnight hiking trip you can use the checklist provided in this write-up to ensure you have all the essentials things with you that can keep you comfortable on your trip. You can change, add or remove any of these items as per your personal preferences and experience, if any.

We are going to try to give you some pointers to answer the question, what to bring camping for overnight stays. It can be disturbing to find out what to carry with you if you are planning camping overnight for the first time. You have to decide what you can carry with your from the comforts of your home, provided by your modern lifestyle, as you will have to carry them on your back.

Though the items needed for your overnight camping trip including tent and other supplies have been categorized in this list but still they are listed loosely so that you can arrange them according to your needs.


Water is another essential item that should be included in the list of supplies for a trip to camping or hiking overnight. The amount of water to be carried on a camping or hiking trip depends upon various factors including the toughness of your work out, type of weather and the opportunity to get the next refill. You can also carry water purifier or filter with you, if possible. Remember water weighs 8 lb per gallon so it is essential you take this into account if hiking.

Items of comfort

There are several other items which you can add in your packing list as they can make you comfortable when camping overnight. Though these things are not so essential but still you may need them. These items may include bug repellent, bandana, sunscreen or sunblock lotion along with some optional items like wet wipes, hand sanitizer, hand shovel, biodegradable soap and menstrual supplies, if you are a woman or ladies are accompanying you.

Items for emergency use

There are certain items that you may or may not use during your camping or hiking trip but still they are essential to include in your list of supplies as you may need them at the time of emergency. These items may include headlamp with extra batteries, fully charged cell phone, first aid box and an emergency kit which should at least include a knife, whistle, water purification tablets, duct tape, water proof lighter, compass and map, space blanket, fire starter and a large garbage bag.


After clothing next thing to focus on while packing your supplies for camping or hiking overnight is the shelter which can keep you comfortable when you are not hiking. Your shelter should include a tent of suitable size, a comfortable sleeping bag along with sleeping pad. You can also include tent footprints if you want.

Other miscellaneous items

There are certain other miscellaneous items that you should include in your list of supplies needed on your camping or hiking trip. They may include copies of the pages of a relevant guidebook, light weight stuff sacks to keep your things in an arranged manner, a camera with a waterproof case or zip lock bag (The Canon Rebel T3 is our choice), hiking poles and a bear spray, according to your area of hiking.

Now after arranging all these supplies along with your tent you can easily go for a overnight camping or hiking trip, even if it is your first trip. So, the next time someone ask what to bring camping, you will have the answers!

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