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Camp for All – A Family Outing

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Preparing a Camp for All the Family

Camp for All

Bringing your kids with you on a camping trip could be a nightmare. They will ask you to come back home even before getting started with the camp. This is why you need to prepare a camp for all the family including the kids way ahead. Otherwise, it will end in a disaster.

The most important thing on your list should be the games to play with the kids. As long as they are doing something fun and they are not bored, they won’t ask you to go home. Obstacle courses, trail marking, and board games are among the most effective ways to keep them smiling.

You must also have backup plans just in case they get bored. Just list all the fun activities that you can do with them while you are out camping. Bring their favorite foods and make sure they will last until the end of the camping trip.

Do a practice camp

Before heading to the outdoors for the camp, make sure that you practice with your kids first. Let them try doing camping in your backyard. A simple tent, flashlight, sleeping bag and campfire will suffice for this project. This will give them an idea of how an actual camping feels like. Take note that they have a lot of negative notions about camping. Once they fear this activity, it will never materialize no matter how you try.

If you don’t have a huge backyard, you might want to do a day trip. Find something in your local area that resembles a camping site. Visit a local park or a zoo. This gives them an idea of how fun the outdoors could be.

Tell them that if they want more, you can go for camping and they will experience more fun activities. This is also the opportunity to tell them that they can have fun by playing in an actual environment and not just using their mobile devices.

Inform local officials in advance

Depending on where you live, there are certain individuals whom you have to inform about the plans. You should tell them until when you are staying and where exactly you plan to stay. There are instances in which you will be provided with a guide since you are bringing your kids with you.

Be aware of weather changes too. These officials will not permit you to go camping if there are possible weather disruptions. If there were recent incidents that are yet to be resolved, you might also be stopped from camping. This is why you need to clarify with them first before going for the actual trip.

Anything can happen

When you are outdoors, anything can happen. This is why safety must come first above anything else. Prepare the first aid kit. Everything that you need must be there. If your kids have special medical problems, their medications must be with you during the trip. Running to a local store in the middle of the night while you are out camping could be very challenging.

Bring a lot of potable water since you might not find water out there. You should also bring a gun just in case there are wild animals attempting to attack you. If not, bring something poisonous to make them go away. Of course, you have to label all these items so your kids will be safe.

Just have fun

Sometimes, this trip can be stressful. From the time that you convince your kids to go camping up to the time when you are planning the details, you might just want to give up. However, you must keep in mind that you are doing this activity for your kids. You want them to learn independence.

You also want your kids to be braver in facing challenges in life. You will not be around them all the time. It feels great to know that they can survive whatever obstacle there is even without your help.

The infographic below discusses some of the most effective strategies to make this camping trip happen. Yes, it is stressful in many ways. Your kids will make it even more difficult to push through with this trip. Just keep in mind the positive things that will come out of this trip and you will never give up.

Once the camping trip is over, you can say that you have achieved a milestone as a parent.

Camp for All

Article and Infographic provided by The Kayak Critic

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