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Brood X Cicadas Invasion ~ Are you Ready?

Brood X Cicadas Invasion

Brood X Cicadas Invasion

The Brood X Cicadas Invasion is on it's way! Are you ready for them? Well, ready or not, here they come!

This brood is predicted to be the largest brood ever since they were first recorded in 1715

2021 is the BIG year for these cicadas! They will emerge climbing trees, bushes, fence post, anything that they can latch their claws into! 

As they go they will be shedding those prehistoric looking shells and getting ready to fly unhindered!

Brood X should begin emerging in late April or early May.

"In 1902, Brood X emerged in Washington, D.C., and when President Theodore Roosevelt  gave an address at Arlington Cemetery the cicadas almost out-sang him.

The males mate with the females and then the females fly into the trees, bushes, fence post, etc. and lay their eggs. 

Snakes, especially Copperheads love these new emerging Cicada as they are easy and tender prey! The snakes normally come out at night and feast on them. There have been reports in the past of several snakes being seen in yards at one time seeking this food source  for them. 

You might want to be careful during this time if you get out at night in the areas where the Cicadas are at!

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They also fall prey to birds, rodents, fish, lizards, domestic pets and even humans!

Yes, even humans eat them! They have a huge event in Tennessee ever time the Cicadas emerge! They cook them up in foods!

People have eaten them for years cooked! One individual said, "They make a good stir fry and they're good in dumplings and in stews."

After the eggs hatch the nymphs, about the size of ants, take a leap of faith from the tree tops and wherever they have been left to the ground below.

There they burrow back into the ground some 1’ to 3’ below the surface and the cycle starts all over again.

Then 16 - 17 years from now, it all happens again!

Cicadas do not present much harm to our vegetable crops at all. They will mostly cling to the trees, bushes, fence post, etc.

They make small slits in the bark of the trees and bushes to lay their eggs. This could present some damage to smaller fruit trees and berry bushes.

 You might want to cover these during that time if yours is small enough to cover. Mosquito netting works well for this.

Will you get to experience Brood X Cicadas Invasion in real time or just on the big screen?

Where were you the last time the Cicadas came to town? Did you get to see them? Were you too young to remember? It is an event you will remember for a lifetime! Good luck and we hope you get to experience them first hand!

They spend 16 - 17 years underground, then emerge for four to six weeks, lay their eggs and then they are gone again not to reemerge for another seventeen years! 

The cycle of life in a Cicada! Amazing aren't they?

Check for more information on your state Here.

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You can find a very good video on these creatures below! 

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