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Reuses for Pickle Juice 12 Ways To Use It

reuses for pickle juice

      I had never thought there would be so many reuses for pickle juice.

    After researching a little, I found several way to reuse pickle juice but we will only list the top 12 in my home here. 

     Please search for more uses as there are several. They range from cooking to cleaning!

    1. Pickle juice can be used for drinking! Yes, I drink it all the time and love it! Be sure to check for mold on the inside of the jar first but it is a delicious drink.

     2. It can also help you with leg cramps! I am not giving medical advise but it has been used for years as a relief for leg cramps and it works!

    3. Make more pickles with. No need to do without. Slice some cucumbers really thin and add them to the juice and allow to sit a week then enjoy!  You can also slice other greens thin and do the same with them. Try pickling some boiled eggs in it!

     4. Marinade meats in it! Meats like chicken, beef or pork work great! Marinate your chicken for 24 hours to get the most tender tastiest chicken ever!

     5. Make your own salad dressing from scratch with pickle juice. Just substitute the juice for vinegar.  Very tasty and it sure spices things up a bit!

     6. When cooking, if a recipe calls for vinegar substitute pickle juice to liven it up a bit! It will give your recipe a little more zip!

     7.  Boiled potatoes can be so bland! Next time you boil potatoes, add a healthy dollop of pickle juice and boil as usual! The potatoes will be delicious and no doubt, none will be left!

     8. Pickle juice just isn't good for boiled potatoes but it is wonderful in potato salad! Drizzle your salad wth some pickle juice for some of the best potato salad you have ever experienced! There will not be any of this left!

     9. Do you like the taste of lemon squeezed on your seafood? Give pickle juice a try and see how you like this tangy taste on your next seafood adventure! Use it sparingly to not over do the taste.  This is sprinkle time, not pour on time!

     10. Not only is this delicious sprinkled on fish but you are going to love it on your steamed veggies! try this same technique of sprinkling some on your next batch of steamed vegetables. What isn't there to love about this dish?

reuses for pickle juice

     11. Oh my goodness, next time you make deviled eggs, add a healthy dose of pickle juice to the mis before adding it to your eggs! this will be a dish your guest will rave over! No eggs left for you!

     12. You can add this to soups to give them a wonderful zing! When your soups are kinda bland, add some pickle juice and bring them to life! You will be well pleased with the flavor it gives!

     I know I said 12 but here is a bonus! Meatloaf! Add some pickle juice to your next meatloaf mix and watch it come to life! No more boring meatloaf! It will be tender, moist and very tasty!

     Once you begin using leftover pickle juice, you will find yourself trying it in more and more dishes. Many people use it to spice up mixed drinks and many other things.

     If you have enjoyed or learned from this article on reuses for pickle juice, be sure to give it a try and leave us some comments and suggestions in the section below.

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