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Equipment for Ball Canning Recipes

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Equipment for Ball Canning Recipes

To make Ball Canning Recipes you must first have certain accessories or equipment on hand! So, before we get into the ball recipes themselves let’s get our equipment together so when we start we can make some delicious Ball Canning Recipes!

Everything has a beginning and canning or cooking is no different. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, cooking, canning, playing ball, washing clothes, etc.

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Equipment for Ball Canning Recipes

Home Canning Jars, These are jars that are designed for preserving or canning foods at home. These are the only jars you will find recommended for this type of canning or Home Canning.  These jars will last for several canning’s if handled in the correct fashion. They can be used time and time again when stored.

Mason Jars are simply home canning jars. These are suitable for foods you process when using the boiling water or pressure canner method. You can find these in pint, quart and half gallon sizes.  They are also available in standard or wide mouth designs.

Can or Freeze Jars are jars with a tapered side and are suitable for freezing and processing you home goods either in boiling or pressure cooking method. You will find these in half pint, and pint sizes.

Canning jars are the best way to avoid plastic when freezing foods. Always use these tapered jars instead of the jars with shoulders to prevent breakage.

Deluxe Quilted Jelly Crystal Jars The term “Quilted” here is to describe the decorative patterns on the jar sides. These are very eye appealing and the tapered sides make them great for freezing also. These can be used in the boiling water of pressure canning method. They come in 4oz, 8oz and 12oz sizes.

Dome Lids and Bands These consist of a two-piece vacuum caps. This is made up of a lid and band that screws on! The lids will have a sealing compound.  This is the only sealer recommended for home canning!  Always, I will stress, always start with new lids! Be sure to check that they fit snug. These are available In the standard and wide mouth varieties and some have decorative designs!

Now that we have your attention and have introduced you to the jars and lids lets move on and look at the next item in the equipment for your Ball Canning Recipes!

Boiling Water Canner this canner comes with a wire jar rack and tight fitting lid. The lid fit is important. This will maintain the correct temperature. This is good for high-acid foods like, tomatoes, fruit juices, pickles, fruits and oft spreads.

Fruit Jell Pectin This aids in forming a gel or set in the canning process. It only needs to be used when the recipe calls for it, whether in a recipe we share of in a recipe on the package. The different types of Pectin below can not be interchanged. Whatever type the recipe calls for must be used for that particular recipe.

Liquid Pectin This is mostly used in soft spread recipes among some others.

Powdered Pectin This has all natural ingredients that yield true fruit flavors! Again, this is used mostly for soft spread recipes.

No Sugar Pectin This aids in the diet recipes and helps them taste more like traditional flavors.

This next piece of equipment for Ball Canning Recipes is one of the most familiar to me.  Although I kept many fires for my mother’s canning outdoors, when this became popular she used it much more that the boiling water canner.

Steam Pressure Canner These come with a weighted gauge or accurate dial gauge. This is necessary in order to reach the temperatures needed to preserve low acid foods such as vegetables, poultry, meats and seafoods.

Having the correct utensils is very important, as you will be handling high temperature jars as they come out of the cookers! You need good quality here also.

Home Canning Utensils These are specifically designed for specific purposed and make the canning process a little easier.

Bubble “Freer” Spatula This is used to remove the air bubbles that are trapped in your jars and prevents damage to the jars. Never use metal if possible.

Canning Funnel You can get these in plastic or metal to fit both regular and wide mouth jars.

Jar Lifter These are sure grip tongs to lift your jars from the canner and prevents you getting burned or scalded!

Lid Wand This has a magnetic tip and assist in removing your lids from hot water! Again keeping you safe from burns!

Fruit Fresh Produce Protector prevents browning of fresh-cut produce for up to 8 hours. Just sprinkle on your freshly-cut fruit or veggies and protect the color and flavor of your signature creations. This can also be used as a pre-soak or added to the syrup for canning or freezing.  Great for any use, fresh, freezing or canning.

Fruit Jell Freezer Jam Pectin This is used specifically for freezing or refrigerated jams that do not require cooking! It is not interchangeable wit the other Pectins.

Jar Labels All your jars need labeled so you can keep tell them apart and know the dates they were canned or frozen!

Plastic Storage Caps These are good for your jars after they have been opened. You can replace the metal bands and lids with plastic lids when refrigerating your portions not used.  They are also great fro foods not requiring refrigeration.

Food Saver

This is a vacuum packing system that removes the air from bags and then seals them tight for storage. This is important to preserve the life of the food.  This will in no way replace your home canning process for perishable foods! This will however preserve your foods much longer than ordinary freezer bags. These are well worth the purchase price.

Bags & Rolls These come in 11” and 8” Sizes. They are available in different quantities.

These are items that you will want to consider if you plan on doing much Ball Canning Recipes! Most of these items when cared for will last a lifetime.

In future articles we will be sharing some of the actual Ball Canning Recipes and how to’s!

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Thank you for reading out article on Ball Canning Recipes. We hope to have been a help to you.

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All diagrams in this or our other articles pertaining to the Ball Canning Recipes or Charts were obtained from the Ball Blue Book Guide to Canning. Whether you are a serious or just learning canner, this is a must book!



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