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Getting your Puppies first shots

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Getting your Puppies first shots

puppies first shots

One of the first things you need to do when bringing home a new puppy is setting up a schedule for the puppies first shots. Although there are some exceptions for certain breeds of dog, the general rules are almost always the same.

There is a series of six separate injections that make up the basic set of jabs. Or you have the option of your vet administering a single injection that covers all six. It’s called the DHLPPCv, some owners opt for this as it’s easier than putting your pup through the longer haul of multiple injections.

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The DHLPPCv is broken down as the following:

D – Canine Distemper Virus – Protection against this serious viral illness that is easily contracted by puppies. There is no known cure, so being vaccinated is essential.

H – Hepatitis – This viral infection affects the liver and quickly causes serious damage.

L – Leptospirosis – This is a bacterial infection that targets the puppy’s kidneys.

P –  Parainfluenza – A virus that causes respiratory issues.

P –  Parvovirus – A very serious virus that targets the intestinal tract lining and often proves fatal.

Cv –  Coronavirus – A milder infection of the intestinal tract lining, causes a lot of pain and discomfort for the puppy.

When first picking up your new puppy you should register with your local vet and seek their professional advice. Your vet will advise you when to schedule the puppies first shots and any additional health care.

As well as ensuring your puppy has these vaccinations, there are some treatments you need to carry out at home. You need to treat your pup against fleas, worms, and stomach upsets.

Now that we have covered some important information on getting the Puppies first shots, lets us move on to some other very important things that need done to keep you and your puppy healthy and happy.

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Flea Treatment and Worm Treatment are the very first things you need to take care of after getting the Puppies first shots.

Here are some recommended products that you can use at home to keep your puppy healthy.

Treating for Fleas

Fleas are a constant nuisance for household pets, and they can become a nuisance to us too if they are allowed to spread. They will cause your puppy to scratch a lot, they can transmit disease, and cause skin conditions.

You should treat your pet periodically instead of waiting for signs of fleas, the following product is very effectively at flea treatment.

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It’s easy to apply. You use a pipet directly on the back of the puppy’s neck. It kills fleas through their whole life cycle, from eggs, to fully grown. Regular application means they are never given a chance to hatch.

Treating for Worms

Puppies under one year of age are very susceptible to contracting worms. Worms can cause them a wide range of health problems if left untreated. It’s inexpensive and easy to keep on top this with the right products.

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This syrup is chocolate flavored, removing the need to try and force or trick your puppy to take the medication. It’s very effective at treating all kinds of worms, and will ensure your puppy is growing up strong and healthy.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on getting your Puppies first shots and we also hope it is a benefit to you and your puppy. Be sure to check our other articles dealing with the Puppy shot schedule. This is something you will need to take into consideration if you opt for several shots over the one shot method.

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