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How to Talk to Your Chickens and keep them Happy!

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Talk to your Chickens

Talk to your Chickens, are you serious?

People may think you are crazy when you talk to your chickens but what are you supposed to do when they ask you things?  Ignore them?

I have heard my Grand Mother and my Mother talk to Chickens many times in my life. I have even done it without thinking that I was actually communicating with them. We talk to cats, dogs, hogs, horses, etc! Why not talk to your chickens?

You may not believe it but they do communicate to each other. If you have ever been exposed to chickens you know they have several different clucks, chirps, hacks, etc! A rooster will give a warning cluck when he feels like his hens are in danger. Roosters will give a distinctive cluck when they find food so his hens can gather and eat. He will a lot of times just amble around and keep watch while his ladies eat and he will just peck along a little keeping watch.

Everyone who has ever fed a chicken on a farm has learned to talk to their chickens! You may not realize it but when you go out and start your clucking and chucking it is a sound they have become familiar with and they know what you are doing by the sound you make! If you listen to your flock you can learn many sounds that you can make yourself.

Talking to her babies

Mother hens talk to their babies when they are out and about. They will make a distinctive sound that the little one know and understand. She will cluck and they come running. She has found something for them to eat! It sounds like regular clucking but has a kruck kruck to it! Ever notice that? Roosters use very similar sound to let his hens know he has found them food. The kruck has a long rolling “r” to it. Like Krrrruck. If you need to gather your flock for a head count just use this and they will come running supposing they will find you with food! Always have something for them so they know to continue to come.

Another call is the chick call. If your flock is out and about and not near to you can use a ChickchickchickchickchickChickies! Use a higher pitch to your voice and when they hear you, they should come running! They are always open to a good meal! 🙂

Chickens also do a sound that some people call singing! You can talk to your chickens in this way also. It is a Craaaaaaaaw cruck cruck craaaaaaw sound! Do this is a low soft voice and really you can use any kind of soft clucking to bring them to you. Chickens like people who are good to them.

As I said earlier chickens have warning calls also! I don’t know how to tell you to do this as I have never been able to duplicate it but if you become familiar with it, you will know when your birds are in trouble or in fear of something! This allows you a warning to get to them. Who knows, a big hawk or something may be lurking that you didn’t know about!

It is not difficult to talk to your chickens! If you want them to respond to a certain sound for feed time, just use the same sound each time you feed them .they are like any other animal and will learn your distinctive call for feeding time! They will come running every time you call them. They like to eat!

The more time you spend with your chickens the more you will become attuned to the sounds they make and the quicker you will become able to talk to your chickens. They enjoy your company in  most circumstance. A chicken in panic sounds a little like a hen who is irrated and grumpy. After listing for a bit you should be able to tell the difference in the sounds!

There are two basic warning calls chickens make! One is for an intruder from above and is is like a hissing kind of siren like call. If they see a hawk, owl, etc they will give this high pitched sound to warn the flock. If you hear this, get to them there is potential trouble on the way! The other sound is a Clucking. Kind of like Cluck, CLUCK, Cluck, CLUCK, Cluck, CLUCK, Cluck, CLUCK, Cluck, Cluck, Cluck, Cluck. This usually means some varmint has been spotted on the ground that they do not recognize or do recognize as an enemy! Again, go running to them! They may need your help!

Keeping watch over his ladies!

Chickens have very keen eyesight and hearing! They are very intelligent animals and can be taught tricks. Many have been taught to fly up on peoples arms or roosters taught to crow at the prompt of the owner. Chickens are not stupid! Only people who are ignorant or has never been around them would think this! They are very intelligent and they establish a pecking order and this alone shows and advanced social order of intelligence.

To talk to your chickens you will need, Chickens, a vocal cord and patience. That is about it! Now, go out and listen to your birds and enjoy all the different sounds and noises they make. See how many sounds you can detect for a certain meaning! I think you may be in awe at just how intelligent these feathered pets really are!

Learning to talk to your chickens is not difficult, just remember to be patient and listen! You will learn more language as you go!

We hope you have enjoyed this article on How to talk to your Chickens! If you talk to your chickens or have a chicken story just let us now by leaving a comment in the box below!

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