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Salmonella warnings for Chickens and how to Prevent it!

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Salmonella warnings for Chickens


Salmonella warnings

Lately there has been some documented cases of Salmonella in Backyard Chickens.  I have seen a few news articles pertaining to Salmonella warnings for Chickens and wanted to share a couple of views of  a couple of Backyard Chicken owners! Both of these owners have never had a problem with Salmonella in their flocks. They both raise chickens for eggs and I think the way they handle the flock explains why they never had a problem with it!

What is salmonellosis?

Salmonellosis is a type of food poisoning caused by the Salmonella bacterium. There are many different kinds of these bacteria. Salmonella serotype Typhimurium and Salmonella serotype Enteritidis are the most common types in the United States.

Every year approximately 40,000 cases of salmonellosis are reported in the U.S. Many milder cases are not diagnosed or reported, so the actual number of infections may be 30 or more times greater.1 Salmonellosis is more common in the summer than in the winter. Children are the most likely to get salmonellosis. Young children, older adults, and people who have impaired immune systems are the most likely to have severe infections.

The above two paragraphs we obtainer from : Web MD There is an entire article about Salmonella there. It is very interesting and has symptoms also.

Since the Backyard and Urban Chicken business is growing steadily around the country, the Centers for Disease Control has begun to issue health and salmonella warnings about safety.

Health officials are warning that backyard or urban chickens are causing a major increase of salmonella outbreaks.

Many of these chickens are kept as pets and even wear diapers when inside a residence.
It is not uncommon for a small town supplier to sell 5,000 chickens a year and sometimes much more depending on the size of the supplier and if they drop ship or not.

The chicken suppliers from smaller towns and urban communities are reporting sales increases each year and sometimes the sales will double.

Not only are people raising chickens for their eggs, they are also keeping them as pets.

There is a website where you can actually buy Chicken Diapers for your pet chickens if you plan on having them indoors to catch the chicken poop and keep the floors clean! Check out her site,

Diapers on chickens, I don’t know if that makes too much sense for me but if it can prevent a Salmonella warning….. So be it!

That would follow the same principle of diapering a cat or dog maybe. Well, maybe not, the cat or dog can be potty trained as the chicken can not.

One of the ideas behind the diaper is to decrease the chance of salmonella exposure.

These diapers are made primarily for chicken pet owners who keep them inside their home.

Health officials say there has been two large, multi-state outbreaks of salmonella, connected to backyard or urban flocks.

The Chicken owners I know and talk to and hear from on my Blog and Facebook page say that if you properly clean your Chicken coop and keep your hands washed you shouldn’t have any problems with Salmonella outbreaks. Proper hygiene keeps the disease away! Keeping the Salmonella warnings at bay is the goal here!

One of our readers say they clean their coops on a regular basis and wear mask as they clean and have never had a problem but as news spreads of this Salmonella warning and outbreak, they say they are becoming even more careful and keeping these coops and runs cleaner

Chickens also have mites, and can develop skin diseases so it is important if you plan to keep a chicken for a pet indoors that you do up keep on them to prevent this type of problems. The old adage, Cleanliness is next to Godliness sure holds true when keeping chickens.

Many people have raised chickens in their backyards for several years and never experienced any problems and more of them credit this to keeping a clean coop and run.

The problem with not keeping a clean coop in that chickens do not care where they walk, sit, roost or anything else. They will peck and walk around in their own feces if you don’t keep it cleaned out. By the way chicken poop makes great fertilizer! Just one more reason to keep the poop cleaned out!

The chicken owners that we communicate with still feel the benefits of owning BackYard Chickens outweigh the cons of raising them. Companionship, fresh eggs and fresh meat are too good of items many of them are not willing to give up. Clean, clean, clean is the message for Back Yard or Urban Chicken owners!

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Chicken in Diaper Photo by: Alisha Vargas



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