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Snap Lock Chicken Coop for the back yard.

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Snap Lock Chicken CoopI have been researching chicken coops and came across this Snap Lock Chicken Coop. This is a Formex Snap Lock Chicken Coop. Made by Snap Lock. This is made like the outside plastic houses that people buy for their children. It snaps together like they do only watertight and rain proof! Doors, nesting boxes, ventilation, roost, top and side entrance. The floor is plastic for easy cleaning and every review on this coop has been 5 stars! 

There are no tools required to put this together as it is a snap lock system.
Impact and Ultraviolet resistant
Water and Chemical resistant
Maintenance free with Removable Litter Tray
Adjustable ventilation,
Easy access to egg collection
Made In USA

This house is made just like the playhouses with the same technology and the weight is great. Two adults can carry it around as it only weighs 65 lb. It can be set on a wooden tractor and be moved very easily!
The outside dimensions of this Coop are, 39″ side to side, nesting boxes included, 64″ high, 42″ high.
The two-floor trays slide out for cleaning.

When considering a coop for the backyard or near your home this one is a great choice. It is light enough to move but heavy enough to withstand reasonable winds. Its assets outweigh anything you might see as a negative. Raintight and warm, this is a great cop!

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