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Chicken Coop Heater ~ The Safest Coop Heaters

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Chicken Coop Heater ~ The Safest Heaters for your Coop
Chicken Coop Heater

As winter approaches, many folks who own chickens will begin to consider a Chicken Coop Heater. Especially folks who are new to raising chickens, or maybe who have just built or bought a new coop.

Chickens are very resilient and can stand most winters but many times when we were children we have heard our parent or grandparents say, I found Old Red dead this morning, she was frozen in the coop.

This always saddened me as we children normally ended up liking some of those old birds a lot! They just seemed to grow on us and it was never an easy announcement to hear.

In that day, not only did this affect us but it affected the egg production and meat supply as our parents and grandparents depended on these chickens as a source of fresh eggs and meat.

My parents or grandparents never owned or probably never even heard of a Chicken Coop Heater. The coops were always winterized and kept dry so the chickens would be as comfortable as possible.

Fresh water was always supplied and fresh food daily. This is very important when wintering your chickens. Fresh water is one of the most important things you can provide daily. A heater can end up being secondary if the other things are not attended to.

Chicken Coop Heater ~ The Top Three

Cozy Products Safe Chicken Coop Pet Heater 200W Flat Panel Technology This chicken coop heater has lots of feedback and the feedback is a 4 out of 5 starts available! When it comes to ratings, this is terrific with as many of these as have been sold.

These heaters are not designed to heat a whole coop but provide a place of warmth where the chickens can gather to find some relied for the cold.

They are mounted to the walls and there is no flame to worry with. Your birds will stay safe and so will your coop. This comes highly recommended by one of the leading authorities on the internet, The Chicken Chick.

• Very safe for the coop
• The Chicken Chick has recommended it.
• 200 watts
• No bulbs or lamps to replace

You can set anything close to it to keep it warm or from freezing such as the water pan. This is so important to keep the water available for your hens.

Some folks purchase two of these heaters if they have larger coops and place one on each end. Considering the cost, this is a great option.

Thermo-Chicken Heated Pad This chicken coop heater has a 4.3 out of 5 rating with lots of feedback. This is another great heater to use in your coop that can be mounted to the floor or wall. No flames or wires are exposed that can create a fire hazard.

This uses only 40 watts and is very energy efficient. It will not be warm to the touch but the heat is absorbed into the coop. It will only feel warm of a little hot to the touch if something is held against it for a bit of time.

This is another heater that is not designed to heat the whole coop but to make a safe place to get relief from very cold or bitter temperatures. Your water pan can be set on this to keep it from freezing also.

Most folks with several chickens and larger coops order two or more of these and scatter them throughout the coop.

• Can be used indoors or outdoors.
• 40 watt for low power usage.
• Can be used for peeps or chickens. They will stay warm while sitting on the pad.
• Heavy duty material and cord that is chew and peck resistant.
• Mountable on the floor or wall.
• This is not a radiant heater.

Thermo-Chicken Perch Have you ever had chickens to literally get their toes frozen off? Well, many folks who raise them for a living have experienced this very thing in their coops overnight.

This Chicken Perch Warmer has a 4 out of 5 rating. This is always a good signal that the product works as intended.

This is designed to allow the chickens to get up on the bar and then the heat is distributed throughout the entire body.

This is another coop heater that can be plugged in and left. There are no exposed wires or bulbs that get hot to catch fire if touched. IT is designed to keep chickens from freezing, not heat a whole coop.

Your chickens will know when they need heat or not. They will migrate back and forth to this bar as needed. If you have several chickens or a larger coop you might want to purchase a couple of them to sit on either side of the coop.

• Eliminates frozen toes!
• Completely Thermostatically controlled
• Warms the entire chicken body utilizing the bird’s own circulation system

This is available in two sizes for your convenience.

Chicken Coop Heater
These chicken coop heaters are all radiant heaters and very safe. They can be left alone and you don’t have to worry about hay, feathers, etc. catching on fire, as they do not radiate enough heat to catch anything on fire.

In our opinion these new style heaters are the best heat possible and make the coop more humidity friendly. When winter arrives a lot of folks add more insulation and stop off the circulation of adequate air to the coops. This increases the humidity in the coop and can lead to frostbite very quickly in very cold temps.

If you have used these or purchase any of these coop heaters, leave us a comment and let us know how they are working out for you. We appreciate all feedback and would love to hear from you.

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