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Top Secret Recipes Giveaway

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Top Secret Recipes

This Top Secret Recipes Giveaway is a terrific find! I have eaten at several places over the years and would often wonder how in the world of cooking and baking they could get this stuff to taste so much better than mine! It seems like every restaurant has it’s own secret recipes and dishes.

I picked up this book the other day and my first thought was I have to go through this thing and find all those wonderful recipes that I have wondered about for so long. Then it dawned on me, if I do this I might indulge too much! I really do not need to indulge right now. So, here is an opportunity to discover all those wonderful dishes you always wondered about!

Good luck in this Top Secret Recipes Giveaway! There can only be one winner so come back each day and register.

You can register once (1) per day!  🙂

Directions for entering this Giveaway!

  1. How to register? Leave a comment in the “Comment” field below!
  2. How long will this Giveaway last? It starts now, Feb 15 – 2014 and will end midnight Feb 22nd.
  3. When will you be notified? We will draw the winner by random drawing and notify you by the 24th or 25th of Feb.
  4. How will we notify you? We will post the winner on our Facebook Page and send you an email also.
  5. How do you get the book after you have won? We mail it to your address of your choice free of charge!

Top Secret Recipes 2

Top Secret Recipes 3

This wonderful Top Secret Recipes book gives many diagrams on how to put your recipes together also! It is amazing! Fix all your favorite foods just like the pro’s at your favorite restaurants! Now, you can finally impress that hard to please person that is always finding fault in your dishes! Feed them some of their favorite restaurant food with the same taste of the restaurant!

Top Secret Recipes 1

If you do not win this recipe book you can purchase yours at our affiliate below.

This is the Amazon review of this book. It is a 4 Star Cook Book!

This irresistible collection of cloned recipes is the product of years of obsessive research by self-confessed junk-food addict Todd Wilbur. Big food manufacturers guard their recipes like the gold in Fort Knox, but Wilbur’s dogged pursuit of taste-alike versions of his—and our—all-time favorites has paid off in this unique cookbook of 50 scrumptious treats. Whether you’re a kid or just a kid at heart, you’ll have a great time making the incredible clones of a Hostess® Twinkie®, McDonald’s® Big Mac®, a Burger King® Whopper®, a Tastykake® Butterscotch Krimpet®, a Yoo Hoo® Chocolate Drink, and all the other famous foods. Helpful illustrations let you recreate them to perfection. And both taste and guilty pleasures are just like the real thing!

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Thank you for entering this wonderful Top Secret Recipes Giveaway!

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