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America’s Almanac Giveaway

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America's Almanac


The drawing for the America’s Almanac will end on Feb 14th at Midnight!

Who doesn’t like America’s Almanac? This Almanac is a terrific book with loads of information. Like the Farmers Almanac it is loaded with all kinds of predictions for the upcoming year. All your weather, moons, seasons, and planting times are here!

This America’s Almanac has six different sections and each section is full of great information.

1. Features:

  • How to use the almanac
  • How to streamline your daily routine
  • Brief history of the internet

2. Calendars:

  • Christian Holiday Calendar for 2014
  • Islamic Calendar for 2014
  • Civil Calendar for 2014
  • Jewish Calendar for 2014

3. Weather forecast:

  • Weather Prognosticator
  • U.S Regional Weather for 2014

4. Astronomy:

  • Astronomical Characters and Explanations
  • Eclipses for 2014
  • The Signs of the Moon
  • The Zodiac Gardner

5. Departments:

  • 2014 Planting guide
  • Gardening Tips & Tricks
  • Tips for Better Health
  • Handyman Solutions
  • Kitchen Solutions
  • On the internet

6. Miscellany:

  • Fifty States ~ Fifty Facts
  • Presidential Fun facts
  • Best Catalogs 2014

This is a terrific item and free to 4 lucky entrants!

This America’s Almanac has 66 pages full of great facts and predictions for 2014.

In the Eclipse section the book has an article explaining how to look at or view a solar eclipse so as not to damage your eyes. There is a right way and wrong way!

If you would like to be entered for the drawing to win this America’s Almanac just leave a comment in the field below.

The winners will be a random drawing at the end of the giveaway time specified.

You will receive an email from us notifying you that you have won and at that time you will need to reply with your information we request.

This is a “FREE” giveaway and will cost you absolutely nothing! We pay postage and mailing!

You can find the Old Farmers Almanac and Gardening Calendar Below:

Please check your email and this post to see if you won. We will list the winners on this post within 2 days of the giveaway ending!

Again, there will be 4 lucky winners drawn!

Thank you for participating in the America’s Almanac Giveaway!

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