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Apple Cider Vinegar for Chickens

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Apple Cider Vinegar for Chickens
Apple Cider Vinegar

Some of you have probably heard of the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Chickens and Poultry, and we imagine some of you use it. We’d like to point out some of the uses of Apple Cider Vinegar, some new and old.

ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) has many vitamins, minerals, and trace elements and helps with a variety of things for both the poultry and you with increased general health.

With the components of ACV it is great for aiding digestion and lowers the pH level in the stomach. An Alkaline body is good! The following is a list of uses for ACV, the first being when poultry takes it internally for their general health.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar in Poultry

  1. By adding ACV to poultry water it helps with the respiratory system, digestion, helps stop dehydration and boosts the immune system. ACV contains plenty of Potassium which is great for help for the body to rid of toxins and bad germs.
  2. ACV has healing and cleansing properties and can act as an antibiotic. It’s great for getting rid of general intestinal parasites and worms. For eating poultry, ACV makes the meat more tender.
  3. ACV is good for cleaning (As is all vinegar, but get good strong Apple Cider Vinegar it works better). You can use it to clean water dishes, food dishes, roosts and nesting boxes and coops. It is perfect for around chickens because it is non-toxic. While doing this it will also keep mites etc, at bay.
  4. Bathing poultry in ACV will cut down soap residue and helps softens their skin and feathers as well as being able to wash off dirt that is well stuck on. Bathing them in this helps with bugs too.

By using ACV throughout the poultry coop and nesting boxes you can help keep mites, lice and other infests away and is even very effective if you already have infestations rather than using strong chemicals. It is best to use proper poultry sprays if the infestation is bad, but is best to prevent the problem. Using Apple Cider Vinegar around the chickens every two weeks is best.

When putting ACV on the chickens and poultry directly, dilute the ACV with water and spray it all around them and make sure you get it onto their skin and under their wings.

So there are some great uses for ACV in particular. Make sure when putting it in their water don’t use it in galvanised water dishes otherwise it will rust.

For how much, use a good teaspoon per litre of water. If you have any other uses for ACV or vinegar for that work well, tell us. We’d be happy to know.

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Please feel free to add your own uses.

Happy Chicken and Poultry keeping,

Article written by: Australian Chickens and Chicken Breeders

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Chicken Review Disclosure: We always use plain vinegar for cleaning our coops and supplies. Why our friend from Australia uses ACV, I do not know. It is more expensive than plain vinegar. Maybe ACV is more readily available there?  We have never been able to kill parasites, mites or lice with ACV.  They can be discouraged by using vinegar but it does not kill them. Vinegar is a great cleaner and the ACV is great to mix in the water. Pure Braggs ACV with the “Mother” is all we purchase for our drinking purposes and water supplements!

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