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Best Fly Spray for Horses The top Rated 5 for 2018

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Best Fly Spray for Horses

When determining the Best Fly Spray for Horses, it can become a difficult choice as there are many to choose from.

Best fly spray for Horses

What do you use to eradicate flies and harmful insects around your horse at home? Which flies do you often come across?

Bugs and flies can bite your horse, causing discomfort, irritation and even sometimes diseases.

As a horse owner, you should use effective and quick-killing fly spray to protect your horse from bites and harmful insects during summer and even during wet seasons.

Depending on your environmental conditions, your horse may encounter different biting insects such deer flies, midges, ticks, mosquitoes, wasps, chiggers, house flies and even fleas.

In this post, we are going to discuss 5 of the best fly sprays for horses and what makes them effective.

Read on to find, which fly sprays to use on your horses. 

How fly sprays work

Depending on the manufacturer, fly sprays can be made from different formulations. However, most fly sprays are made from essential oils and sold over the counter just like other drugs and chemical remedies.

Commonly used essential oils in these sprays include lavender, eucalyptus, as well as sandalwood and tea tree. The oils are often added to water in a spray bottle and applied on the horse. 

However, other manufacturers may use garlic extracts and lavender oils as well as other natural fly repellents and secrete oils to prepare the spray. Even though such preparations may have unpleasant smells and tastes when mixed with essential oils, they are often powerful, killing and repelling the flies away.

In general, there are two major types of fly spray for horses:

v Pesticides. These chemicals kill the flies by contact and even suffocation.

v Repellents. On the other hand, keep away the flies although others may kill them. 

The mode of action of fly repellents can vary. Some repellents can cause the horse`s skin to secrete harmful oils and chemicals that discourage the flies from biting their skin, while others can raise the acidity level of the horse`s skin or blood, making it difficult for flies to feed on their blood.

However, some of these repellants often take a longer time to produce such effects thus it is recommendable to use fly sprays that combine the two approaches.

Here are examples of the best fly spray for horses you can find in leading drugstores. 

Top 5 Best Fly Spray for Horses

  1. UltraShield Ex

The UltraShield ex is an effective fly spray, especially during the hot summer season when the horses are sweaty. The spray is not only sweat-proof but also weatherproof, so your spray will remain effective for a long period of time. In addition to that, the spray is also formulated with conditioners and sunscreens such as lanolin and aloe which help to protect your horse’s skin from the harmful rays of the sun. 

  1. Pyranha Aerosol

Pyranha Aerosol is also effective for killing and repelling flying insects such as deer flies, horse flies, stable flies as well as other biting insects. For effective results, spray the horse on each side for about three seconds. 

Pyranha spray is easy to apply, allowing you to cover several horses faster and effectively. Just hold the spraying button to release a stream of insecticide treatment. You can apply the spray from time to time, preferably after every week or when you see flies around the horse. 

  1. Pyranha Fly Spray

There are two types of fly Pyranha sprays: water-based and oil-based. Water-based sprays are easily cleaned off the skin surface by rainfall, unlike oil-based sprays which can withstand the weather. On the other hand, water-based sprays do not easily accumulate dirt and soil on the skin, in contrast to oil-based sprays. However, both sprays contain lanolin which leaves your horse`s skin healthy. Besides, they are both citronella scented and ready-to-use; hence they are easy to apply. 

  1. Equi-sport fly spray

This spray can stay on the horse`s skin up to two weeks, giving you a lasting protection. When using this spray, there are three main areas that you should cover to control the flies effectively. Be sure to apply the spray to the head, neck and chest regions for excellent defense. 

  1. Endure sweat-resistant Fly spray

This spray is ideal for wet and sweaty conditions, lasting up to two weeks on the body. It contains a unique ingredient known as RepeLock that helps to bind the hair shaft, preventing your horse from sweating. Apply this spray after every two to three weeks to protect your horse from biting insects. 


After reviewing the top 5 sprays for horses the one that stands out the most was the Pyranha Fly Spray.  Although they have all been given a good rating, like most things some are jsut better than others.  It can also depend on the kind of horse, how sweaty the horse is and if your animal is allergic.  You can always ask our Vet Service for suggestions.

Beelow is a video on how to examine your horse for health issues. This is just a  bit of information we have added for your convenience

When all is said and done, be sure to keep a watch on your horse after each application as some may end up being allergic to certain rubys or rubs.

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