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Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes Yes or No?

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Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes


While exploring the question, can dogs eat tomatoes? We will also be letting pet owners know the dangers of some other fruits or vegetables. Always contact your Vet in case of an emergency or if your pet acts like it is getting sick. We have  Vet Service for your convenience.

Many a time, we consider the food items nutritious for us to be a healthy option for our pets as well which can go wrong in some cases. There are a few fruits and vegetables which are not only unhealthy but can even prove toxic for our pets. It’s asked generally, can dogs eat tomatoes? Many of us may not be aware of its allergic and toxic effects on a dog. This is the reason why one needs to be sure whether a fruit or a vegetable is healthy for a pet before feeding everything we eat ourselves.
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Are Tomatoes Safe for my Dog?

Tomatoes being hazardous to dogs is generally not a concern. The stems and leaves contain solanine that is toxic if ingested. Green (Unripe) tomatoes do contain small amounts of alkaloid tomatine. This poison is in very small amounts and your pet would need to ingest a large amount of any or all of these items in order to suffer any harm. A ripe tomato does not contain any of the alkaloid tomatine and would not be any danger to your pets. Remember, the plants and plant material can de dangerous but the dog would have to eat large amounts of it or chew on the stems substantially before being in any danger of poisoning.

Here is a brief description of some fruits and vegetables which can be dangerous for the health of the pets:

   1. Raisins & Grapes

It is the most commonly known toxic food item which one must avoid to give to one’s pet. Now, most pet owners are aware of its toxic effects on pets. Though some dogs don’t show any adverse effects after consuming raisins or grapes, the danger still lurks as consumption of grapes or raisins can cause irreparable kidney damage.

  1. Onions and garlic

Some pet owners consider garlic to be good for the health of their dogs, however; it is strongly warned by Pet Poison Helpline to avoid giving garlic and onion to pets as it can lead to lethargy, pale gums and increased heart and respiratory rates. Not only this, the pet may even collapse in some conditions.

  1. Cherries

Though this delicious fruit is considered safe for the pets, the intake of plant and pit by the pets can lead to respiratory failure or even death. The cyanide content in the plants and the pits make it highly toxic so, it is always advised to keep your pets away from these.

  1. Mushrooms

It’s true that only a few species of mushrooms are toxic for our pets, but it is recommended to avoid giving mushroom to the pets as many can land up in giving the wrong ones. It may happen as it is very difficult to identify the species which are safe for pets. Intake of toxic species of mushrooms can prove to be fatal in dogs and can cause tremors, seizures and even complete organ failure.

  1. Currants

Currants are also severely toxic for the pets as grapes and raisins. In case you don’t see vomiting and diarrhea symptoms in your pet after it consumes currants, you must immediately visit a veterinarian as it can lead to acute renal failure.

  1. Raw and Green Potatoes

Though potatoes are recommended as quality foods to be given to pets, unripe, green, and raw potatoes can prove to be toxic for them. Consumption of such potatoes is toxic for not only pets, but humans as well. It can lead to nausea, seizures, vomiting, and heart irregularities in pets.

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The Bottom Line on Fruit Consumption by dogs!

Apart from these fruits and vegetables, apricots, rhubarbs, apple seeds and tomato plants are also toxic for your pets and should be taken care by the pet owners to avoid giving these food items to their pets. Apricot pulp is fine, but apricot plant contains cyanide and can lead to respiratory failure in pets. The leaves and stems of rhubarb are harmful for dogs as it reduces the calcium levels in the body leading to renal failure and various other medical problems. Apple seeds also contain cyanide and prove to be highly toxic to our dogs.

Many pet owners ask, can dogs eat tomatoes? The answer is the red tomato fruit can be given to our pets, but intake of the other parts of the plant stems, leaves and the unripe fruit can be toxic. It can cause gastrointestinal problems in the pets.

For more information on other plants, fruits and vegetables that can be hazardous to the health of people and pets you can read this article on the Wiki Web Site


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