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Young Rooster or Cockerel or Cock

Rooster or Cockerel   The young Rooster or Cockerel or cock is a male chicken typically less than one year old.  The term Rooster originated in the United States and is broadly used throughout North

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Black Indonesian Chickens, Ayam Cemani

or youorExpensive Black Indonesian Chickens If you are looking for high dollar chickens to flaunt or brag about, Black Indonesian Chickens are the ones for you! These can cost up to $5,000.00 a pair! These

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Raising Chickens for Meat

Raising Chickens for Meat   Times has certainly changes from when I was a young boy as now days we see lots of people who are only raising chickens for meat. In my experience, my parents and grandparents

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Brown Eggs and White Eggs

Brown Eggs and White Eggs How to Choose   Have you ever looked at the eggs in the grocery store and wondered why the Brown Eggs and  White Eggs are priced different? Well, I have done this many

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Chicken Breeds Rhode Island Red

Chicken Breeds Rhode Island Red   Rhode Island Red: The Best Dual-Purpose Bird: Easy to care for and a good layer! They are a popular choice for backyard flocks because of their egg laying abilities

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Chicken Review top 10 Breeds for Raising BackYard Chickens Urban

Chicken Review Top 10 Birds  for Raising BackYard Chickens When you’re picking your first flock, there are a few key things to look for: The breed should be a recognized

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Chicken Review Breeds: The Brahmas

The Brahmas   Brahmas are chickens that originated from birds exported through the port of Shanghai in China, and were known originally known as “Shanghai” birds. They were first bred

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Bantam Breeds for Back Yard Birds

What are Bantam Breeds of Chickens A Bantam is a small variety of chickens. The Bantam name originates in Indonesian. Bantams are suitable for smaller backyards as they do not need as much space as other

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Chicken Review Ameraucana Breed

Ameraucana Breed or Easter Egg Chicken are only one of two breeds to lay blue eggs; the other breed is the Araucana.  These would probably not be a good beginner bird for your back yard. They can

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Chicken Review Breeds: Serama Chickens

 The Serama Chickens Bantam Serama Chickens are a beautiful fowl. These are the smallest breed of chicken in the world. The Serama is assertive with a confident bold stance yet calm and manageable.

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What are Broilers? Chicken Breeds Reviews the Broilers Broilers: Are Chickens Breeds bred and raised specifically for meat production. Chickens are one of the most common and widespread domestic animals,

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