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Chicken Review Ameraucana Breed

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Ameraucana BreedAmeraucana Breed or Easter Egg Chicken are only one of two breeds to lay blue eggs; the other breed is the Araucana.  These would probably not be a good beginner bird for your back yard. They can be flighty and skittish and harass your other hens!

Egg Shell Color – Colored: Green or Blue
Egg Production – Prolific, 200 -280 eggs per year (This is an estimate)
Chicken Review found a mixed opinion of these pretty Birds!
Some people said they were “VERY flighty, not friendly, skittish bird ”

Complaint: “can be mean to other chickens” was the biggest complaint I found.

While others said they were very docile and friendly and very weather friendly. There were more who liked the Ameraucana for looks and eggs than those who liked them for their personalities.

Here at The Barn Yard we say follow your gut on this one!

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