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Miniature Horse Tack The Best for your Horse.

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Miniature Horse Tack

Miniature Horse Tack
Miniature horses primarily serve as companion animals due to their social nature. They are treated more like pets as opposed to equine animals. This is largely due to their small frames of usually 34-38 inches, even less. Classification of this breed category is determined by the height of the animal. If you are thinking about getting these tiny, adorable horses, or you already have one, there is a wide selection to choose from for setting up your miniature horse tack. Here are some options to begin with.

The key consideration one should make when choosing all the necessary equipment is comfort and safety for both the horse and the rider. Take a look at some examples;

Miniature Horse Tack and it’s Uses

Western Youth Pony Mini Miniature Horse Saddle Tack pad Headstall Reins Breast Collar Set If you have a little cowboy or cowgirl, this would be the perfect match in any color of their choice. This adorable saddle pack comes in a variety of colors such as pink, purple, blue, and tiger. It is suitable for minis the sizes of 10, 12 and 13. The last two are almost out of stock so you should hurry while stocks last. There is also a special offer for a free matching headstall, breast collar, reins, and a saddle pad. This is for a limited period of time.

The stirrups are padded for the comfort of your little riders. The underside has a soft fleece to protect the mini’s skin and keep it comfortable. Its ease during cleaning also makes it quite convenient for you.

Miniature Horse Bareback Pad Saddle with Stirrups It contains a nylon cinch strap fastened to one side of the saddle. It is adjustable for comfort for your little one and your mini while riding. It needs to be properly placed to avoid a lot of pressure on the horse’s back which may lead to either or both the horse and the rider getting injured.


Intrepid International Nylon Miniature Horse Halters This halter is made from nylon material specifically designed for comfort. Compared to other materials, nylon is not irritable to the horse. Bearing in mind how rough horses can sometimes be, the material is designed with the highest quality of its kind to ensure durability. Your horses’ skin is also able to stay soft.

It is adjustable for a perfect fit for your miniature horse. This means that you could use it for a long period of time as the mini continues to grow. You also don’t have to worry about slips again. It comes in a large and a mini size. It is available in a vast array of colors such as pink, light blue, burgundy, black, and purple.

Derby Originals 600D Shimmering Star Turnout Blanket Miniature and Pony Sizes If you are looking for something to keep your miniatures warm, this is the best bet for you. It is designed from medium strength material to shield your minis from wind or rain due to its waterproof quality. This also ensures that its coat maintains it original shiny look. While the material is protective, it is also breathable which allows heat regulation. The blanket also has a poly lining which prevents the hair from sticking to the blanket.

It is not recommended for minis that live in groups since this will make it prone to wear and tear. Be mindful also of nails, fences, thorns or bushes. The material is properly sewed in to make it last and minimize tears. The straps are double buckles made of rust resistant material. Leg straps are also part of the blanket to help firmly secure it in place. You will need to measure your miniature horse prior to purchase for the right size. For washing, Machine cold wash with mild detergent and air dry it.

Tough 1 Miniature Driving Harness It is made of quality black, leather material and brass trimmings. It is only available in black. It comes complete with a crupper, breeching, and lines. This harness exudes style and elegance.


Silver Fox Raised Snaffle Bridle This equipment is made up of high-standard leather material with reins. Bits are not included. It is therefore durable due to the ability of leather to withstand wear or tear. It holds your horses’ head up securely. You can purchase it in black, brown or chestnut. Apart from miniature horses, ponies, cobs and horses can wear this too.


Fun Facts and information about a Miniature Horses

• They are used as therapy horses.
• They are very strong and can pull 3-4 times their weight.
• Like dogs, these tiny horses can be used as guide horses.
• They have been around since 1600s.
• The smallest living miniature horse measures 17.5 inches.
• Miniature Horses are found in almost every country across the world!
• Miniature Horses fall into a height category of 34 – 38 inches and anything taller is not considered miniature Horses.
• Many miniatures retain the horse characteristics of the larger companions and look very much like them.
• Just like the larger horse the miniature will have several colors.
• Miniature Horses are normally very people friendly and interact with them very well.
• Although they are purchased as pet many times, they still maintain their horse nature.
• They are used for many purposes including; Companions, Service Animals, Driving carts or buggies in shows, and for Horse shows themselves.
• The Miniature Horse can live up to 35 years old. They average between 25 – 35 years.
• They tend to have more health issues than the standard horse! Many times it comes from overfeeding them.
• The Miniature Horse was developed in Europe and was owned mostly by the more elite families.
• They were also used in Mining ventures and known as Pit Ponies
• There are several Miniature Horse Shows across the USA and other countries that showcase the talent of these beautiful creatures!
• Some of the Classes offered at the shows are; Halter, Jumper, In Hand Hunter, Liberty, Costume, Driving, Showmanship, Obstacle and Trail Class.
• When entering a Show, you will need Miniature Horse Tack and more! These are very competitive.
• Remember, Miniature Horses are still horses and need the outdoors just like their larger counterpart! When not being used for whatever purpose they have been purchased or bred for, they need to be outside.
Miniature Horse Tack
As with their larger counterparts, they encounter all the Horse Flies and mosquitoes just as frequent. It is important to keep them free of flies as it is a standard sized horse. The size of these little Horses does not negate the amount of care they need. In some cases, they may need more care than your standard breed horse. It just all depends on the use you have for them.

There is lots more information on the American Miniature Horse Association Website about the Shows and Breeding.

Allways remember, if you have a problem with any of your precious live stock you can contact one of our Professional Veterinarian for counceling.

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By agriflanders [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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