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Chicken Mites Infestation and Identification

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Chicken Mites Infestation

Identifying Chicken Mites infestations

Hopefully, here at Chicken Review we can shed a little light on Chicken Mites, what they are and how they affect your chickens or flock of birds.

Chicken Mites are very tiny parasites that live on the external part of the chicken and will take up residence in your coop if given the opportunity. Once the chicken mite infest a coop it is a real burden to rid them! They need regular treatment to get rid of them.

Chicken mites can be brought into your flock by other infected chickens, birds, rodents or you can carry them in on your boots. They only live a short life and die off in 5 – 7 days but they are worse than fleas and lay over 100,000 eggs in those few days. so it is important to treat your flock when found regularly until they are completely gone! Summer of course is the worse time for Chicken Mites but there are also mites that can live in colder climates also. the Chicken mite is a tough character.

Mites can cause disease in your flock and in some cases can even cause death. Is is very important to treat the lice as soon as they are found. If you find your chickens hesitate to go into thechicken coop (Chicken Review affiliate link) or nest check for lice inside your coop. They may start pecking at themselves more around the vent areas and under the wings. Check for small red or black looking mites and white egg deposits!

Upon spotting any of these you need to begin treatment! There are natural treatments and medicinal treatments as well.

Signs to look for when mites may be a problem:

Egg production will start to go down as the chickens must replace the lost blood taken by the mites. They have less energy to produce eggs.

The chickens will start to peck each other where they see the infestation on the chickens, this is usually at the base of the birds tail feathers.

Preening themselves more than normal and preening and pecking in the vent area.

If they are doing this the problem is getting serious.

Keep a watch out for any pecking behavior and bald, bloody patches appearing on your flock.

Even as you treat your Birds individually you still need to treat your coop, runs, roost, etc.

I found this recipe for natural mite treatment at Fresh Eggs Daily.

You can use a mixture of:

2 Cups water

1 Cup of cooking oil

1 Tbsp of dish washing liquid like dawn.

Mix the ingredients well by shaking the bottle and spray the infected area to kill off the mites. The mix will settle and you will need to shake it vigorously each time before use. This need done every week a time or two for several weeks to smother the mites out.

A healthy Chicken is a happy Chicken!

Another good article on Poultry Mites and Lice identification and prevention

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Thank you for reading our post on Chicken Mites. If you have further ideas or treatments pleas leave us a comment below!

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