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My Chickens not Laying as many eggs ~ Chickens not laying eggs!

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Chickens not Layin


Chickens not laying eggs

A Reader Ask, I have 44 layer hen’s, 23 light bramas and 21 new Hampshire reds. I recently turned them out in my spent tomato patch to forge and they practically stopped laying. Is this an exception or the rule. I’m lucky if I get 7 to 9 eggs a day.

Many times we have reductions in egg production and we do not always know what it may be that is causing this. There are several things that can cause the production of eggs to decrease in our flocks.

Photo by: Rob and Stephanie Levy

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Becoming familiar with these can also reduce our stress and worry about our birds and help us inderstand how to prevent some of these issues. Some are things we can do to help and others are just nature itself and they just have to run their course.


Some things that can cause this are:

  1. Shorter Days
  2. Not the right nutrition
  3. Diseases
  4. Hens aging
  5. Stress
  6. Free Range hiding nest
  7. Etc.

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This article sheds some light on this issue as well. Why Have My Hens Stopped Laying?


The following are some answers from our Facebook members.


Heather Tucker: It also tends to be the lack of natural light…shorter days cut into laying time.

Jacqueline Charles Rab: It could be the time of year, the nutrients are not right. If they are changed from feed to just free-range, they will slow until they get adjusted, and that takes time. We supplement. We have a deer feeder that slings cracked corn and lay pellets a couple of times a day. Not a lot, just enough to add to whay they are eating.

Jamie Lord Snowden: Are you still supplementing their diet with feed? I always did with mine and they were free range, too, but they never stopped laying. Not saying I’m an expert, but that’s how I raised mine. Hope this helps!

Elaine Lake: they are likely laying outside somewhere mine lay in grass patches flowerbeds any where they can hide a nest.

Patsy Smart: They may be hiding nest. Ours will if we turn them loose, chicken snakes have a tendency to make them quit going to a nest to!

Diana Spaulding-Glover: You don’t say if your tomato patch is fenced or not but free ranging hens sometimes lay their eggs in secrets nests. So your hens may be laying after all, but not where you want them too! Also fake eggs or golf balls in the nest boxes will make them more attractive for hens too.

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