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National Parks Shuts Down for Visitors

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National Parks Shuts Down for Visitors

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This year will no doubt be a year of remembrance for the Fall Colors in the National Parks as Visitors and Photographers will be limited to the amount of access they have to their favorite place to camp and take pictures of the ever changing colors of fall.


 As the Federal Government has shut down, the National Parks have fallen under this grievous situation also. They are now no longer open and all the park officials have been laid off without pay until further notice. The highways through the parks will remain open but many or most of the side roads leading to particular points of interest will be blocked. The trails will be blocked off and Rangers were instructed to tell people not to use the overlooks and trails as there would be no one to monitor them.

This is the time of year that literally hundreds if not thousands of Professional Photographers and Amerature Photograbhers along with families travel to many of the parks for fall foliage pictures. This will reduce the amount of options available to them.

Here in Kentucky we have the Daniel Boone National Forest and the shutdown has affected it as well. This is an exerpt from their National Forest Page.

“Public services and facilities are shut down, including, but not limited to forest service offices, campsites, picnic areas, boat ramps, and shooting ranges. The Red River Gorge Geological Area is closed to overnight use because a fee pass is required and passes cannot be purchased at this time. Other facilities where a fee pass is required is also closed to that use.”

I would assume that as all of the National Forest are affected that our Daniel Boone National Forest will follow suite of all or most of the facilities being shut down. The main roads are still functional but many side roads and trails are being barricaded off to prevent access. Fall Colors are going to be scarce this year unless the photographers can find other avenues to access the beautiful forest!

If you try to visit the USDA Website you will find it shutdown also. I went to it to see if I could find out more about the Park closing but found the page shut down until further notice. These funds are gone also.

I know many of our readers go not only to the Daniel Boone National Forest but the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway for pictures and camping this time of year also. My friend Larry Deane over at the Blueridge Mountain Life web site has written an article on the Blue Ridge Parkway and The Great Smokey Mountain National Park. Larry and his wife has driven the Parkway and The Great Smokey Mountain National Park since the shutdown. They have lots of valuable information on these areas. For information on those areas go over and check out his article.

Larry also has a terrific Facebook Page Blueridge Mountain Life where him and his wife share their pictures and information on the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway for their fans. Go over and check them out. I am sure you will enjoy their page as much as we do!

We hope you have enjoyed this article on our National Parks Shuts Down interesting! What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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