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Cochin Chicken Breed for Beautiful Colors.

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Cochin Chicken Breed

The Cochin Chicken Breed is known as a big ball of fluff by just about everyone! They are adorable looking and you can find them in about 13 different colors. Although they can look a little intimidating, they are very docile.

The Black and Buff Cochin seem to be the more popular colors here in our area of the South! They are all a very pretty bird not matter the color!
Are you looking for a new backyard bird? Check out these lovely Cochins!

Rooster Cochin Photo By: Wiki

The Cochin originated in China and is a heavy bird and the hen will weigh 8+ pounds when fully grown!

The Rooster can weigh up to 11+ pounds when fully grown.

Cochin Hen

 Blue Cochin Hen Photo by: Wiki

They are not the best laying chickens around as you normally will only get 2 – 3 eggs a week from her.

The eggs are light brown and are usually a medium sized egg.

These are more ornamental than anything else. The beauty makes them very popular as yard birds.

The Cochin is considered an Ornamental Chicken, being used more for looks than eggs!

These beautiful birds are very docile and make wonderful lap-pets! They are very easily handled and peaceful birds and they love your attention!

AS you can see the legs are feathered and this just adds to the fluffiness of this big beautiful bird!

The Cochin is a winter hardy bird and will live well in confinement.

As stated above, they are very docile and friendly. They are also a very broody bird and make great mothers!

Cochin Rooster

 Rooster Cochin Photo By: Wiki

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