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Cuckoo Maran Chicken Breed, excellent dark brown eggs.

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This article about the Cuckoo Maran Chicken breed will help you decide as to whether it is the right bird for your backyard or free range area! We hope to provide you with valuable information to help you in choosing your flock to fit your needs. All of our Chicken Breeds are in our Chicken Breeds Area of the menu.

Cuckoo Maran Photo By: Wiki

Cuckoo Marans are a popular Chicken as a dual purpose bird. They will lay around 150 dark brown, almost chocolate eggs a year. This is not a chicken that is considered a great layer but an egg every other day or so is still a good laying hen. There are hens who lay over 300 eggs a year but the Cuckoo Maran is not one of them.  You will get somewhere between 3 – 5 eggs a week from her.

Cuckoo Marans Eggs

Cuckoo Maran Egg Photo By: Wiki

The Cuckoo Maran can be a very broody hen and makes a very good setter for hatching. They are a very good all around bird for most conditions.

Cuckoo Marans have a very good tasting meat and are heavy enough to make them desirable as a meat bird as well as a laying and egg producing bird. The hens normally get to a weight of around 7 lb and the Rooster will reach a weight of around 8.5 lb when fully grown.

Most Cuckoo Marans are generally docile and can make decent pets. They are usually pretty active birds and do well in confinement and in free range conditions. They are also very good birds to ward off diseases. They are very disease resistant! They are very hardy in winter conditions as well.

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Do you have Cuckoo Marans? How do you like your birds? Do they lay enough eggs? Are they friendly enough?

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