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Destiny of the Republic, Murder of President James A Garfield Candice Millard

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James A Garfield

Destiny of the Republic Murder of President Garfield

A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President!

Destiny of the Republic by: Candice Millard.

         I have been reading this book and it has really become a novel that I cannot stop reading.  This is one of the most fascinating books that I have read in many years.  I am about 2/3rds through and I am reading it slowly to let it all sink in.  There are several prominent figures in Destiny of the Rebublic that it gets more riveting as you read! The Characters involved in the Murder of President Garfield and the people associated with him are just a who’s who of the era!  This is a wonderful account if such can be said about the assassination of James A Garfield.

“The Life and Light of a Nation are inseparable”
James A Garfield

      When I first began reading this book I was drawn to the person of Mr Garfield in that he was raised as many of our parents were, very poor and had to work very hard for his success!  Nothing was a given for him and he had no one to speak for him to help him get a head.  Just a poor country kid from Orange, OH.  His father died at the age of 33 after fighting a horrific forest fire and preventing it from burning down the family cabin.  He caught a fatal cold and no doubt it turned to pneumonia or something of that degree. He died in the cabin with his wife and children by his side.

     President James Garfield’s father Abram, packed up and left behind everything he had in order to try to find a better life for him and his family.   At this time Ohio was truly the American Frontier.  Abram picked up a job working to build the Ohio – Erie Canal. Ohio had joined the Union in 1803 and became only the seventeenth state to do so.  Land was considered cheap but it took ten years before Abram Garfield had saved enough money to buy a farm.  This farm and home was what he had raced and worked so hard digging ditches and fighting the raging wild fire to save. He kept the fire away from the home but it came at a very high price!  Within days he succumbed to fever and exhaustion!  Abram Garfield left behind a wife and four children including the youngest, James A Garfield less than two years old!

     There were many sacrifices made by James mother Eliza in the coming months and years in order to raise her children! Eliza his mother and James older brother Thomas worked the portion of farm they had left in order to keep the family together.  They had been advised by relatives to separate them and send the children out to other family to help raise them because the times were so hard.  Eliza’s greatest ambition for James war education and to that end she donated a portion of her farm to build a school on so her children could have access to an education.

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