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Heirloom Cookie Sheet

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Heirloom Cookie Sheet

Good Day, I have been privileged to bake with one of the finest cookie sheets ever, the Heirloom Cookie Sheet. We came in contact with Jeannie, owner of Heirloom Cookie Sheets last month and she invited us to be a part of a new cookbook that she is creating. Of course, we accepted as we got to cook on her Heirloom Cookie Sheet!

We did the Peanut Butter Cookies and we can hardly wait until the new cookbook getst to us. It is going to be full of wonderful recipes from several other sites and I am sure you will love them too! We feel privileged to be able to recommend this Heirloom Cookie Sheet. We have used it and I would recommend it to anyone. The cost is well worth the product.

I am a former HVAC Business owner and have worked with sheet metal for many years and I can recommend this as a very reliable and sturdy cookie sheet. The weight is a little heavier than your standard sheet but with this sheet you will not have to replace it for years! If you take care of this you will be able to pass it down to your children as an Heirloom like it is!

The quality of stainless steel is desired in every restaurant and by every chef in the United States! It is unmatched by the endurance and the fact it is easily cleaned and non toxic makes it a chefs choice! If you want something that is going to give you great service and last for years this Heirloom Cookie Sheet is it.

The cookies we baked on it turned out great and all of them baked very evenly and slid right off with no problems! Clean up was a breeze. Warm water and just wipe it clean! We really like that a lot! 🙂

Now comes the best part! She has the Heirloom Cookie Sheet on special through the end of this month. She has given us a code so you can get them discounted! I love mine! Use the code below to get your very own Heirloom Cookie Sheet! These would make wonderful Christmas gifts for your moms, grannnys, yourself or anyone else who bakes a lot!

When you go to the the site HEIRLOOM COOKIE SHEETS use the following code to get your discount! Must be used before the end of November! BRLNOV13

I really am delighted with my cookie sheet. We will be updating you on the new cookbook soon!



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