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Dollar Tree Prepping Short Term


     Welcome to the Dollar Tree Prepping article. In this article we hope to help you find and use items from the Dollar Tree.

     When thinking about prepping you need to decide how long of a time you are going to prep for.  Some folks try to prep for 1 month, some for 6 months and others prep for what is considered long term, up to several years.

     Many of us don't have the room to store enough food and supplies for long term prepping and that is who we are mainly addressing in this post.

     First, why would you need to prep or put back food and supplies to do you for one to six months? 

     This is a very basic article with not a lots of in-depth information. We will be adding more articles with much more information. 

Why should you do Dollar Tree Prepping?

  1. 1
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  4. 4
  5. 5
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    Loss of job
  7. 7
    Debilitating injury
  8. 8
    Civil unrest
  9. 9
    Power outages
  10. 10

     As you can see from the short list above, there are many reasons why one would want to put back extra food and supplies. This is called prepping or staying ready for natural or man made disasters.

     Regardless of the reason, if you find yourself in a situation where you need food and water to survive and you have no way to get out and get them, you will be in real trouble if you don't have it put back!

     There are many and I mean many things you can pick up and store in your pantry that will last for several years in order for your to be prepared if a disaster strikes you. As shown above, a disaster does not necessarily have to be a national thing. It can be you getting hurt and not able to work and care for yourself or your family. If you have food and water put back, this can help you get through until you have time to mend and get back to work.

     As I write this article, it is hurricane season here for the Unites States and we have already experienced 2 major hurricanes in the Gulf this year.  Another is on it's way as I write this. Sections of Louisiana are being evacuated right now!  How important is it for those folks to have extra food and water to throw in their vehicles and take with them? They have no idea what their homes will be like when they can return to them.

     Many people will no doubt have water tight storage containers full of food and water and when they get back, even if they have to relocate for a few days, they may still have food and water. We just never know when these type of things can happen so it is better to prepare a little at a time than to have to try to run out all at once and get the things we need! In most cases, the store shelves are  emptied very quickly and many people have to do without! 

What do you need to keep in stock?

     The main things you are going to need are:

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
    First Aid Kit
  4. 4
    Bug out bag

Water: You need 1 gallon of water per person per day! We find gallon jugs with handles at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 per gallon. I know there are other places where you can get them for a $1.00 also.  If you know of other places please leave a comment below so others will have an idea of where to look if they do not have access to a Dollar Tree.

Food: The first foods we concentrate on are meats and vegetables. After that, flour, meals, rice, pasta, sugar, salt and protein packed foods such as peanut butter. Then we look at sweets.  Only buy things you like and your family likes. Don't waste money on things you will not eat. You cannot go by all the list out there. Everyones taste is different.

     Example: Some may have medical or allergy reasons for not eating wheat, so you would not purchase wheat flours or wheat based anything. 

     Only buy what you will and can eat.

     When purchasing these first two items on the list, pick up an extra bag, jar, gallon, etc every time you go shopping and put it back to work on your stocking your pantry. If you don't have a pantry, use a bookshelf, tubs, under bed space, closets, etc.  Find somewhere to put back these items for emergencies.  

First Aid Kit: You will need the standard items that come in a first id kit such as, band aids, gauze tape, scissors, ointments, etc. Be prepared for anything to happen and you will not be left in a panic!

Bug our bag: Backpacks are the preferred choice for this but an kind of zippered bag will suffice in emergencies. This needs to be filled with the bare necessities in case you have to grab it in a hurry and bug out! Emergency in the middle of the night or day. IF you have to grab and go without time to get things together. Think of the things you would need in an emergency! 

     Examples: Under ware, Needle and thread, Food, Water (small bottles) Water filter, Weapon for protection, etc. Anything you might need for a short two or three day absence from your home.

     Emergencies happen and in most cases it always happens to someone else but if you live long enough, it will come around to you!  

     All of the items we mentioned above can be found at the Dollar  Tree.

     We will be doing more and more updates to our Dollar Tree Prepping article and will no doubt add more in the near future. 

     Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel for videos pertaining prepping for short and long term.

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