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Why do I find Eggs without shells?

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Eggs without shells

Why did I find eggs without shells?

With everything rising in cost including eggs, people are raising their own chickens in every corner and crevice they can find in the big cities if they allow it. Chickens have become the hottest commodity over the last few years. They have inspired communities to ban together to petition city and county officials to allow chickens to be raised in their communities.

One of the things you will find along the way of raising chickens is a soft shell egg or sometimes the shell may be missing altogether. there are a few reasons why you will find eggs without shells.

  1. Their diet could need more calcium.
  2. That particular egg may have been deficient of calcium and be the only one they lay. (Check them closely)
  3. Diseases can cause this also.
  4. If they are young chickens it could be this is their first egg and sometimes this happens with a young hen. They will lay eggs without shells sometimes for their firs on. It is more common for them to lay one that is soft shelled instead of one without a shell.
  5. As hens get older this can also happen. Many will lay soft shell eggs or eggs without shells. When this happens they are getting close to this point of stopping laying altogether. You can add more calcium to help her along but she will stop laying.
  6. Laying mash is also a good thing to try as it is rich in minerals and vitamins that chickens need. It is high in protein and rich in vitamins.

If you find eggs without shells in a nest in your hen house be sure to check and make sure she is not eating her shell or another hen. They will sometimes do this.

Remember, if you feed your chickens egg shells, be sure to crush or grind them. Baking them in the oven 5-10 minutes at 350* should suffice for this. If you feed them whole egg shells they may start thinking eggs are a part of their diet and start eating their eggs.

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