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Many Baby Powder Uses

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Many Baby Powder Uses

Baby Powder Uses:

What are some Baby Powder uses? Sometimes I wonder how to us items more than what they are just designed for. Well, in this article we will share some baby powder uses! I know it was designed for babies but yet; there are many other uses for it!

Check out the list below and be sure to leave your comment on baby powder uses we may have left out!

We recommend using Non-Talc Powders when applying to your person.

Baby Powder Uses

    • Pet cleaning: Baby powder can be used as a dry shampoo for your pet. Your pet will be left with a fresh smell without the tub of water! They will enjoy it as much as you will.

  • Using baby powder to sprinkle the sheets on a warm/hot summer night will keep you cool and absorb any dampness that may be created throughout the night. Makes for a more restful sleep!
  • Absorbs grease: Baby powder is a good absorbent for grease. Use it on carpets or fabrics that you may drip some grease on! Give it a try, it absorbs oils and leaves a fresh scent and refreshes as it does.
  • Refreshes books: As books age you can sprinkle them with baby powder and keep them fresh. Looking. The powder absorbs any moisture and helps prevent mold and mildew from developing. Now you have fresh books!
  • Plump full eyelashes: For you ladies, being careful not to get it in your eyes, dust a little baby powder over your eyelashes for a fuller look. Do this before applying your! You are welcome!
  • Chafe-free body parts: Next time you plan a jog or run, dust a little bit of baby powder on parts that rub such as inner thighs etc. This will help prevent chafing.
  • Shoe Refresher: When you run out of shoe powder, use baby powder. Sprinkle in your shoes and allow them to set overnight for a fresh and clean scent the next day! Don’t forget to dump out the powder!
  • Helps stop squeaks: Are you hearing squeaks in your hardwood floor? If so try sprinkling a little baby powder and sweeping over it to allow the powder to penetrate the cracks and it should help eliminate those pesky squeaks.
  • Ant Repellent: I hate ants in the house! Use baby powder and sprinkle a line around the doors and windows. Ants do not like the scent of baby powder! This will work if you are on a picnic also. Just sprinkle around the perimeter where you plan on setting.
  • Makes waxing a little more tolerable: Before waxing your legs, apply a dusting of baby powder. This helps prevent wax burn by applying a layer under the wax.
  • Sets makeup: Makeup products can be very expensive. Next time try dusting a little baby powder on your face to set the makeup.
  • Keeps you fresh: Instead of underarm deodorant, next time try some baby powder. This will absorb sweat and run off those unpleasant odors at the same time.
  • Kitty litter absorbent: Is that litter box needing a quick fix? Company shows up unexpected? Give it a dusting with baby powder, for a quick refreshing.
  • Hair emergency help: Next time you are in a bind use baby powder for your hair cleaner. Mix equal amounts with your hair powder. This makes a good dry wash. Your hair will say, thank you!
  • Keep smelling good: If you’re not a fan of how baby powder smells, mix it with a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and leave out in small containers to give a lovely scent.
  • Baby powder can be used with your favorite essential oils. Just add a drop of two of your oils in a container of powder for a fresh smell!

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