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Naked Neck Chicken Breed for Pets.

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Naked Neck Chicken Breed

The Naked Neck chicken or Turken is a variety of chicken that originated in Transylvania! This breed of chicken is naturally devoid of feathers on its neck and vent area! Understandably, the name Turken came from it being mistakenly thought to be a cross between a chicken and turkey. These unique birds are becoming more and more common in the United States. There are lots of hybrid Naked Necks that are not the true Transylvanian bird! This is the one mostly in the United States! The true Transylvania Bird is pretty rare in the USA.

These birds are a good dual purpose breed and have tasty meat!

They lay light brown eggs and the male will weigh around 7 – 8 lb when grown. The hen will weigh around 5 – 6 lb when grown.

These are immune to most diseases and make pretty good foragers. These are pretty cold hardy also.

Having only about half as many feathers as a normal chicken makes this Naked Neck Chicken much easier to pluck and resistant to hot weather also.

They are fair egg layers and lay on the average around 3 medium light brown eggs a week.

These chickens are easy to tame and are very docile. They can be put in confinement and do well there.

Understandably, these naked neck chickens may not be a very desirable breed for many because of their looks but they are great yard birds and make very good pets!

You can find more information on this Naked Neck or Turken chicken on WIKI

Naked Neck Photo provided by Simone Ramella

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For a good all around chicken, this Naked Neck Chicken can’t be beaten! Meat, eggs, and pets! You can have your pick with these. They are very popular among Homesteaders!


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