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Plants that Repel Mosquitoes


Plants that Repel Mosquitoes

I don't know of anyone who has not been aggravated or even bitten by those hateful mosquitoes in the summer. Those wonderful warm and silent summer nights spent on the deck or patio with your friends or sweetheart can be brought to a quick end if you have mosquito problems!

Let's talk about some plants that repel mosquitoes!

There are a lot of plants that repel mosquitoes. We will only cover a few of the more common plants in this article most folks are familiar with.

We have all been subject to the infernal buzzing of mosquitoes in the late evening. Seems like every time I get out and begin to grill here in the mountains those darn things start! Zzzzz, zzzzz, zzzzzz, BITE, SLAP! Darn! Another mosquito bite! Too late to do anything about it!

Well, there are some plants and oils mosquitoes do not like and they actually repel the mosquitoes. Making plans ahead to plant some of these can help in the future! Always remember to keep water out of low lying areas as this attracts them and they lay eggs in those places!

Planting Citronella Grass, Using Citronella to deter Mosquitoes.

Citronella has been used to repel mosquitoes for as long as I can remember! We used this before I ever heard about any other form of mosquito plants or sprays! Citronella is a grass and it grows approx six to six and a half feet tall! The Citronella grass is used to make the citronella oils we burn to ward off mosquitoes. They are also used in soaps and candles. Citronella grass is planted to ward off mosquitoes and they need positioned in the areas you frequent. This can also be used in your garden to ward off white flies but its root system is invasive and will take over your garden plants if not planted with this in mind. You can use a large plastic floral container and cut the end out of it, bury, fill with dirt and plant you citronella in it and the roots will not be able to invade your garden plants.

Planting Eucalyptus to repel Mosquitoes.

Cadaga Tree ( Eucalyptus torelliana) This tree can grow to about 80 feet tall. When planting more than one, you need to plant them about 25 to 30 feet apart to allow for adequate growth. This tree repels mosquitoes. You will need full sunlight to grow this tree. This is also a good tree to attract wildlife to your yard. Eucalyptus can also be made into an oil repels mosquitoes. Eucalyptus has been used for years to war of those pesky insects.

Planting Catnip, This Plant and oils will repel Mosquitoes

If you own cats you are familiar with catnip! Yes, catnip! This plant is a very attractive plant but it also makes a good mosquito deterrent when planted in the right places. It is also beneficial as a food for bees! Catnip is an easy plant to grow, is related to mint and is a perennial plant.

Catnip planted in close proximity to the gathering area is a proven mosquito deterrent but if many people use crushed catnip or catnip oil applied to the skin of clothing to ward off those pesky mosquitoes! Remember, if you own cats, this will have the same effect on them as the catnip you purchase for them at the store. So, cat owners beware, you may not want to use this one. Thankfully there are others you can use that are just as effective. One other thing, even if you do not own cats, your neighborhood cats may be drawn to your plants! If you do not own cats potted plants may work better for you as you can take them in and out as you need them.

Planting Lavender: Plants and oils that repel Mosquitoes

Even though many people love the smell of lavender it is a scent that repels mosquitoes! Mosquitoes do not like the scent lavender gives off! Many people plant this in gardens. it can also be made or purchased in oils! It is used many times with other oils to keep these pests away! Always make sure you are not allergic to oils before applying them to the skin. Lavender is a very nice scent to have a round! Lavender oils smell wonderful!

Planting Lemon Verbena for repelling Mosquitoes

This scenty plant can be planted in your garden, windows or doorways and the scent will repel mosquitoes. Lemon Verbena has a fresh aromatic, lemon scent. This plant can also be made into oils and can be applied to the skin to repel mosquitoes. I love the smell of lemon and this is a very nice scent!

Hint, you can also use this lemony scented plant to cook with!
There are several recipes on the internet if you search for them such as These Simple Recipes to use in lots of stuff!

Planting Mint to repel Mosquitoes

Many people grow mint in herb gardens to flavor their tea. Lots of people do not know mint will repel mosquitoes! mint is a plant that is easy to make your own oil form for mosquito repellent. Mint, whether wild or cultivated in your herb garden will repel mosquitoes and other bugs!

Planting Rosemary for mosquito repellent.

Rosemary, no, this is not a person! This is a plant that can be planted to ward off mosquitoes. this is another plant that is used in many herb gardens to control mosquito infestations. Rosemary can also be converted to an oil to be used for repelling mosquitoes! You can get the oil Here.

Planting Marigolds for a mosquito repellent.

Potted marigolds are wonderful for mosquito control! You can set them near your windows or doors and they act great to prevent mosquitoes from coming into your home. The odor Marigolds emits prevents mosquitoes from going through this perimeter of scent. Many people plant marigolds around their decks, porches, patios, etc to repel mosquitoes. Remember these are liked by wasps so be careful when handling them that you do not pick up some with wasps in them. Marigolds are also good to plant in with your tomatoes as they also repel bugs that attack your tomatoes.

If you are not in an area where you can utilize these plants that repel mosquitoes you can always purchase oils, zapper's and repellents to keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay! I also wrote an article on Controlling Flies that has some items which will work for mosquitoes also.

You can get lots of Citronella items and other helpful products to help ward off mosquitoes if you can not plant these grasses or shrubs.

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