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Polish Chickens Breed for the Home and Farm

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A Unique breed, Polish Chickens

Polish Chickens

We will find out a little bit more about the Polish Chicken in this article and visit several of the breeds included in this line.

Contrary to popular belief, Polish Chickens are not from Poland! This breed actually originated in England. The Polish Chicken is known for its crest of feathers on the top of the head. The oldest accounts found of feather topped chickens come from the Netherlands. They do have a comb but the crest of feathers on the top of the head covers it and the eyes as well.

Because of the feathered top of the Polish Chickens, the eyes are covered and makes it hard for them to see at times. This can cause them to be fidgety and frightened.  Normally they are docile and friendly but can be spooked because of this lack of vision.

Polish Chickens were originally a good egg layer but has been bred as primarily a show bird and the breeding has decreased the laying ability of this bird. They are gorgeous birds and can make good pets. There are three basic varieties of this bird, Frizzle, Non-Bearded and Bearded.

We have an article on “Preparing you Chicken to Show” also on the blog.

Polish Chicken Golden Laced HenGolden Laced Hen Photo by: “Alisha Vargas “

 Polish chickens are very unique birds and there are several varieties of them. They are set apart by their crest or feathers atop their heads. These chickens are a European Breed of birds. The exact origin of this breed are not know but the oldest account of them is from the Netherlands. They are no doubt one of the most handsome birds around in the poultry line.

The crest must be kept clean and dry on the Polish chickens as they have a tendency to become mite infected. The crest also make them susceptible to predators as their vision is reduced by the crest! Because of this bird being so docile it will usually end up being at the bottom of the pecking order in a mixed flock.

Polish Chicken Buff LacedBuff Laced Polish Chicken by: “Jean”

 All the varieties mentioned above come in bearded and non-bearded varieties!  Polish Chickens are one of the most beautiful birds I have seen and every time I post them to my Facebook Page they always get lots of comments and shares. This is a constant thing and never fails to be a hit on there. People are fascinated by these lovely birds.

Varieties include:

Some of these breeds are recognized by the APA and others are not. They are still popular as pest, show birds and yard birds though.

Characteristics of Polish Chickens:

  • Egg production: Low , laying only about 2 a week.
  • Eggs Size: Small white eggs.
  • Hardy: Not winter hardy!
  • Confinement: Bears confinement very well.
  • Docile: Yes, very.
  • Broody or Setting: No
  • Personality: Quiet and friendly.
  • Use: Pets, Ornamental and Show birds.

More Information on Polish Chickens:

  • They are prone to vulnerable to predators because of the limited vision from the feathers atop the head.
  • The top feathers are prone to get mite infestations and need to be watched carefully.
  • The egg production will vary in the Polish Breed. The will lay anywhere from 1 – 4 a week. They are primarily used for show now.
  • They are not very broody and do not make good “setting hens” as some call them.
  • They may need some special care in the winter as the feathered head is susceptible to freezing and the plumage blocks their vision.
  • They tend to be ok in confinement although there may be a few mixed opinions.
  • They can or may not mix well with other birds. We think it mostly depends on the flock they are introduced into. They may tend to be flighty because of the limited vision.
  • They need feed and water just like any other chicken.
  • They need a coop and shelter just like your other birds.
  • Other than the fancy feather top, they are just chickens and need everything other chickens need!

You can find out more history on this wonderful bird over at the “Wiki Seb Site.”

This bird is not a difficult bird when handled right but they need you to be easy going and not rush them or sneak up on them. They have a good personality for the most part.

If you have any of these wonderful Polish Chickens and want to add to or give more advise please feel free to leave us a comment below. We love to hear from you.


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