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Raccoon Deterrent and Methods of Removal

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Raccoon Deterrent and Methods of Removal

Raccoon Deterrent

Let’s face it: raccoons are a nuisance to most property owners, causing havoc, destruction and even harboring potentially dangerous infectious diseases.

If given a chance, these pests will convert your home or property into a den where they will breed and cause even more ruin.

However, if you can eliminate their primary source of food in your yard, you can deter these animals from invading your home. But if you already have an existing raccoon problem in your house or backyard you may need to apply raccoon deterrent and removal methods to keep them away.

Unfortunately, these animals are persistent so you should seek professional advice when using these strategies. 

In this post, we will provide you with the best facts on how to keep raccoons away from your home or property.

Find out what raccoon deterrent products can be used for successful removal of raccoons and check our recommendations. Without further ado, let’s make things easier for you. 

One of the biggest problems you will encounter with raccoons is that these creatures are destructive.

From sneaking your food to scattering litter in your garage, the destruction caused by these animals is not anything to be underestimated.

The common wisdom when dealing with an established raccoon problem is to contract an expert who understands raccoon prevention and eradication.

Alternatively, our raccoon deterrent tips can also help you to deal with this issue.  

Many times, the most effective way to keep raccoons away from your property is to eliminate their primary attractants like food or favorable living space that might draw their interest.

Garbage and kitchen waste is one of the most favorable food sources for these creatures. Consider keeping kitchen wastes in raccoon-proof containers, preferably in bins that can be sealed to prevent the animals from accessing the food inside.

You can try raccoon deterrents and working repellents that will keep raccoons at bay, encouraging them to go elsewhere. 

Methods for successful Raccoon Deterrent

Deterrent Solutions

There are several raccoon repellents available in the market today to select from. However, before you start using these products, be sure to remove anything that can draw raccoons to your yard including trash, water, and garbage.

You might find it quite hard to eradicate these animals if you do not remove such attractants. 
The most famous raccoon repellent solutions include granular repellents and liquid spray repellents even though electronic repellents are also becoming more common. 

  1. Liquid spray repellants

Liquid spray repellents are ideal for application on various surfaces against ruinous raccoons.

These sprays can be applied on surfaces like flower beds, bird feeders, trash bags, hard surfaces, as well as garbage cans. In essence, most of these products are recommended for use outdoors. You can reapply them after rain or when new plants grow.

  1. Granular Repellents

Granular Repellents can last relatively longer on the surfaces as some of them are resistant to environmental conditions like rain and sunshine, even though it is often advisable to reapply them after heavy downpours.

Unlike most liquid sprays, granules can be used indoors to control raccoons. 

Here are granular and liquid sprays you can use to deter raccoons in your property. 

v Critter Ridder Granules. This product has an overpowering scent that disturbs the sensitive noses of the raccoons and drives them away from certain areas. The product can last up to four weeks or more on the surface, keeping your home protected throughout the month. Apply these granules around your yard, flower beds shed as well as crawlspaces to keep these spiteful creatures at bay. 

v Pest Repeller by Eco-Defense. Unlike the critter ridder granules, the pest repeller by Eco-defense is safe for use anywhere especially indoors and other places where humans and pets stay. It is 100% natural, containing organic and natural pest control ingredients that are harmless for your kids and even pets. Spray this product inside your cupboards, attics, vegetation as well as any other places where raccoons can invade in your property. 

v Shot-Gun Repels-All Animal Repellent. This product causes a slight irritation to the raccoon`s nasal passages, triggering a natural instinct to keep away from the area. 

v Ammonia. Ammonia is also a great raccoon repellent. Place several ammonia soaked fabrics near crawlspaces of raccoons. Replace the rags from time to time, preferably after every three days. Once the solution evaporates, the animals may return.

Apply some ammonia around places where the pests have been spotted. Also, spray some ammonia around the inside of your garbage containers. 

  1. Electronic Repellants 

Unlike liquid and granule repellents, electronic repellents are environmentally friendly and require minimal maintenance. Additionally, these products are also more effective than conventional liquid and granule repellents. 

Electronic solutions work in many ways including emitting a mixture of ultrasonic sounds which frighten raccoons away or emitting a burst of water that scares them away. 

Fences can also play a vital role in controlling raccoons. Consider building a large fence around your property to keep these creatures from reaching your waste bags. An electric fence can play a useful role to deter those raccoons that climb regular walls. 

  1. Repellent Moth balls

Recently, moth balls have found application in raccoon prevention, producing odors that raccoons do not like. Most homeowners use moth balls of naphtha inside or outside their trash cans as a preventive approach against raccoon invasion.

These products are particularly useful for preventing raccoons in crawlspaces and even the attic. Even so, these products should be used carefully because they can seep into the rest of the property hence exposing the people who are living there.

Also, these chemicals can also be ingested by kids and even pets. Thus, you should apply them in places where children and pets cannot access.

  1. Mint-X Raccoon Repellent Trash Bags

These bags are specially designed to keep away raccoons using all natural, mint scented fragrance which discourages raccoons from coming near your yard. This repellent will wade off raccoons from your property thus preventing them from spreading diseases and even diseases

To conclude, raccoon control and deterrent can be successfully achieved via an integrated approach, involving several methods and techniques like electronic repellents, liquid sprays, and granular repellents as well as safe and eco-friendly methods.

Buy these safe, human and eco-friendly recipes to remove raccoons from your property.

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