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Sumatra Chicken Breed A Beautiful addition

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Sumatra Chicken

The Sumatra Chicken Breed originated on the Island of Sumatra. They were originally bred for fighting purposes but now thankfully they are primarily used for exhibition. The Blue Sumatra here in this picture is a most beautiful bird! This is a much rarer bird than the Black Sumatra. The Black Sumatra is much more common here in the states.

As stated above the Sumatra are mostly ornamental birds and sough out for their beautiful plumage! The most common is Black with a sheen of green throughout the body and tail. They also come in Blue and White and a splotch color and black.

Males can be a little aggressive at times and are pretty territorial and defend their territory against other birds! They have been know to fight to the death defending their flock against predators! They are very protective.

Weights for: Sumatra Chicken Breed

  • Roosters: 4 – 5 pounds
  • Hens: 31⁄2 – 4 pounds

Characteristics of the: Sumatra Chicken Breed

  • Broody: Yes can be Very Broody
  • Flighty: Yes, Very
  • Egg Production: Low, 100 small white eggs a year
  • Wattles: Very small to non existance
  • Docile: Can be
  • Friendly: Yes
  • Aggressive: With other chickens, Males will fight for dominance.

The picture below is the Black Sumatra Chicken. these are as lovely as it gets! The colors in these chickens just dance when the sun hits them. They change from black to a few shades of green and even bluish looking.  Go ahead an pick you up a few head of these and add them to your flock, you son’t be disappointed! 

Sumatra Chicken

Reviews for the Sumatra Chicken Breed

I have read mixed reviews on the cold tolerance of these Sumatra.
One reader said they were heat and cold tolerant and withstood temps from -20 to 100 degrees…
Another reader said her flock did not fare well in low themps like above and she lost one of her birds to the cold… Sometimes it it the chicken and sometimes it is the shelter and care provided! 

No matter what kind of chicken you own, if you do not provide the necessary shelter, food and water, it will speed doom for your bird!  They, like other creatures do need assistance from time to time. I know the free range birds get along fine by themselves but the barn yard birds need you!
Mixed reviews on the heat cold tolerance…You will need to do a little more research.

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If you have never seen the Balck Sumatra Chicken be sure to check out the video below! These birds are beautiful. No matter which breed you choose, I am sure you will be well pleased with your Sumatra Chicken. Enjoy and be sure to share us on your favorite Social network.

Photo of the Blue Sumatra Chicken provided by: Wanda Zwart, Licensed under the GFDL by the author.

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