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Arabica Coffee – What It Is and Where Does It Come From


Have you tried Arabica Coffee?

There are over 100 different coffee blends and brands in the world today with Arabica coffee being recognized and billed as the most popular coffee in the world. It is a high-quality coffee with a slightly sweet flavor that contains tiny hints of nuts, chocolate and caramel.

Made from the beans of the Coffea Arabica plant, it originated in Ethiopia and is by far the most visible coffee on the market today representing 65% of the world's entire coffee production.

Considered the crème Brule of coffee, because of its mild yet sweet taste and its light and airy presence, is it any wonder, it has found its way to the top of the charts in the industry?

Whether in the grocery store, the cafe, your favorite restaurant or the local bistro, Arabica is the coffee of choice by coffee drinkers around the world.


Originating in Ethiopia's highlands, it is quite sensitive to both hot and humid atmospheres and gives favor to the shade while emerging best in tropical weather.

It takes approximately seven years for it to mature fully and grows at altitudes of 1.25 to 1.55 miles, at temperatures that range between 59 degrees Fahrenheit and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

When grown at higher elevations it typically carries a premium because it presents with a greater acidity and a more complex flavor.

However, as a matter of information, the higher the elevations are, the slower the growth process which ultimately plays a significant role in production and increases the overall cost.

For this reason, you will often see that many roasters now include elevation data on all their coffee packaging.


Arabica is a shrub-like plant whose flowers are small in size, white in color and smells much like jasmine - quite lovely and sweet.

It is a self-pollinating plant which allows its beans and flavor to remain the same and contributes to a more consistent bean production.

The coffee seeds or beans, which are fairly flat and elongated in shape with a groove, are located inside of the berries and are harvested when they are a deep red or purplish color.

However, since the berries do not always ripen at just the same time, they are best served when handpicked. In addition, it contains near to 60% more lipids and almost twice the amount of sugar than other coffees.

The beans have a greater taste because the sugar increase gives the coffee a more enhanced taste while minimizing the bitterness. Both lipids and sugar play a vital part in the flavor of the coffee as well as its body and aroma which contributes to the high popularity of the coffee.

Since this eloquent coffee grows best in tropical regions where it tends to be spring or summer year-round, you can guess that a change of climate does not play a significant role in the flowering of the Arabica plants but rather the startup of the rainy season itself.

Nearly nine months after the flowering occurs, the deep red, plump fruits appear each containing two Arabica seeds/beans. These fruits continue to flourish with the ongoing rain which sets the harvesting process in motion.

Arabica coffee, as indicated above, grows best in tropical climates and near to the equator with some of the highest quality, best tasting coffee coming from Africa, and South America.

There are a number of countries that grow this delightful, quality tasting coffee including, but not limited to, Mexico, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Brazil, which is, in fact, the largest producer in the world of Arabica coffee.


As is the case with any product, this high-quality coffee has an array of benefits. For starters, it is extremely rich in antioxidants that, as we all know, help our bodies to balance free radicals that can enhance the aging process.

Further, it contains caffeine, which contributes to high levels of focus and alertness and small amounts of certain vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, riboflavin, niacin, and manganese.

Arabica itself is low in calories and, because of its 95% water composition, can help people to stay hydrated. Overall, it is tasty beyond words, satisfies even the pickiest of coffee drinkers and is every bit relaxing as it is yummy to drink.


Though there is a wide range of brands to choose from, here are three of the top brands that every dedicated coffee drinker should try:

Kicking Horse Coffee – This brand is the most popular organic choice of the Arabica coffee blends.

You can purchase the packs two ways – a three pack that includes a medium variety (Three Sisters) and two dark roast varieties (Kick Ass and 454 Horse Power) or a four pack that contains each of the varieties listed here above and an additional dark roast (Grizzly Claw).

Verena Street – Nine Mile Sunset. This ground dark roast coffee is remarkably bold without the bitter taste that is so common to most dark roasted coffees and stands out in the Arabica coffee brand family.

Wild Jo- Another great choice, this organic, dark roast coffee has noticeable hints of dark chocolate, and brown sugar flavors. Definitely a popular choice for coffee drinkers looking to get their day off to a right start.


Gourmet coffees, as many of us know, are high quality mild blends and varieties of Arabica coffee and indeed among the most highly visible and best-known coffee beans in the world.

With that said, we can all agree that a perfectly prepared cup of espresso made from the highest quality and best tasting Arabica is deliciously fragrant, with a slight but very pleasant blend of chocolate, and caramel and the perfect hint of bitterness.

Top it off with a rich cream layer and your taste buds will delight in each and every small sip.

To sum it up nicely and simply - Arabica Coffee is the highest quality, best tasting coffee in the world and though it costs a bit more, the champagne of coffee' is every bit worth the investment!

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