Olive Oil and It’s Many Uses

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Olive oil has been around a long time and there are several grades of it. Olive Oil has many different uses and depending on the grade of it depends on how you will want to use it! Polyphenol is an ingredient in olive oil that you need to pay attention to. The higher the count the more pure the olive oil. Many of the Extra virgin Olive Oils found in Grocery stores do not list the count because it is so small it really makes no difference. If you are looking for good virgin olive oil look for a count of over 100 for the polyphenol! 

Olive Oil for Make Up Remover:

Extra Virgin olive oil is a great product for make up removal! The oil in the olive oil is very close to the make up of the natural oil in our skin. It is very mild and even people with sensitive skin can find it to be a great substitute to the hars removers!
Oleic acid is a substance in olive oil also and it is used in the make up products! This is very good substance for your skin and if looking for olive oil with 70% of this in it!
The easiest way to remove eye lash make up is to simply wet a cotton ball with olive oil and hold it to your eyelash for a few seconds to give it time to dissolve the make up.
You will need to wash your hands and then with wet your hands or apply the oil to a cotton ball and rub this on the area you want to remove make up from. Gently rub in a circular motion to loosen the make up and dirt and then wipe clean with a wash cloth.
Oil is a good preventative or zits and blackheads!
Remember, Olive oil is all natural and it actually helps in moisturizing your skin.
Olive Oil will not block your skin pores and will keep your skin hydrated with its natural balance of fatty acids.

Bath Oil:

If you are allergic to topical creams and lotions you may want to try some Olive Oil in your bath water! Olive Oil has been used for centuries a tonic for dry skin! The oil is very near the oil makeup of your body!
In your next bath try adding a 1/4 cup of Olive Oil and bath in this! Be sure to be careful getting out of the tub as you any be a little slick! Also, you will want to wash out the tub with hot water to remove any oily residue.
Oils can stain clothing so pat dry. If you need to make your hands smooth just rub them well with a very little bit of the oil and wear a pair of soft cotton gloves to bed. This will work also for your feet. If they need softened just rub a little oil and wear a pair of socks to bed!

Chapped Lip Balm:

If you run out of your regular Chap Stick, grab a little olive oil! It is not scented like your regular balm but it will work in a pinch and keep your lips from getting chapped! Just dab a little on your finger and massage on your lips! You might get hungry thinking of pizza while you are wearing it but you won’t get chapped lips! If you have oily skin the experts do not recommend this as a treatment often. It could cause you to develop a rash by using it too much 🙂

Ear Ache:

According to Experts (Mothers) Olive Oil can be used in children to help lessen ear ache! The remedy calls for a couple of teaspoons of oil warmed and then using a dropper to removed the oil from the spoon and put a few drops in the child’s ear while it is laying on its side. Have the child lay still if possible, if not, use a cotton ball to keep the oil in the ear.

Furniture Polish:

For this just use a teaspoon of olive oil on a rag and if desired you can add a few drops of citrus for scent. This makes a terrific polish and shines!

Shine Stainless Steel:

Just rub a little bit of the oil over your stainless steel to help prevent streaking and rust.

Stuck Zipper:

Just add a little bit of the oil to a cotton abll and rub the stuck zipper. Let it soak in if need be!

Shoe Polisher:

Olive oil can be purchased in a spray at your pharmacy and sometimes in the Grocery. This makes a great shoe shine product! Just spray very lightly and rub in to get a terrific shine!

Cleaning Garden Tools:

If you have garden tools you want to take care of and make them last, be sure to clean all the dirt and grime off them after using and coat with a small amount of oil before storing and you will have clean shiny and rust free tools for the next gardening season.

Lamp Fuel:

Olive Oil has been used for centuries as a lamp oil.
Exodus 27:20 “And you shall command the people of Israel that they bring to you pure beaten olive-oil for the light, that a lamp may be set to burn continually”.
The Olive Oil does not have a high flash point making it a much safer oil. It is much more costly but you can use it in an emergency! If you can find lampante oil (olive oil not suitable for eating, but for burning), you can save money by buying that instead of culinary olive oil.

Throat Soother for the Snorer:

you can use Olive Oil for soothing your throat if it is scratchy or if you snore throughout the night. The oil will soften and lubricate the throat and help prevent snoring! Some folk recommend two or three sips of oil while others recommend the oil taken with a teaspoon of honey to help soothe the throat.

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