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Araucana Chicken Breed for colored eggs.

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Araucana Chicken

The Araucana Chicken is also known in the USA as the South American Rumpless. This breed of bird is known for its blue eggs. This breed of chicken is confused many times with the Easter Egg and Ameracuana chickens. This is not either! This is it’s own breed and line of chicken!

The following is a quote from Wikipedia, “A major difference in international perception of the Araucana breed is the existence of a tail. The exact physical description of the bird varies, with the North American varieties being rumpless and without a tailbone, the British standards accepting both tailed and rumpless and the Australian standard accepting only tailed”

The Araucana Chicken get its name for the Spanish who first bred them, “Araucanians”. this Araucana breed is a hybrid of two South American breeds. The Colloncas and Quetero. The Quetero lays a pinkish brown egg and has a long prominent tail with ear tufts. The Colloncas lays a blue egg and has no tail with a clean face (No ear tufts).

The Worldwide standard for Araucana is a medium to large sized chicken that lays blue – green eggs and has a tail. They will have feather ear tufts and can have beards and muffs and no wattles.

The American standard for Araucana is rumpless with ear tufts and lay blue eggs. This is a small to medium chicken. This is what we will find here in North America.

Araucana Chicken Egg

The colored eggs have no benefit over other eggs nor are they less healthy. The shell is different in color and otherwise, everything is the same.

The Araucana is a medium to large chicken with Roosters weighing around 5 – 6 lb. The hens will weigh in around 4 – 5 lb.

These are good dual purpose birds and will lay 3-4 eggs a week, homesteaders favor them also.

The Araucana Chicken is broody, can live in confinement and I am not sure of their personality. They are winter hardy. These make good chickens for your flock especially if you use them for meat also!

The eggs will be blue and medium sized.

Most of these are confused with the Ameraucanas or Easter Eggers. They are neither. Most folk mistake the Ameraucanas for the Araucana. Some breeders who are a little shady may even fool you with them and call them Easter Eggers. All three are different breeds of chickens!

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