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Australorp Chicken Breed

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Australorp Chicken

We all have to start somewhere and the Australorp chicken is a good one to start with. The Australorp is a big soft feathered bundle of bird! The toenails are white in contrast to the black legs and beak. The term Austral-orp derived from the Australian Black Orpingtons. The Australorp is a mix of heavy breeds that are very good meat and egg chickens.

The Australorp Chicken has a Bantam counterpart and has several colors. The main colors are black, white and blue. The black Australorp is the most common color of this group and has glossy black feathers with a lustrous green sheen. (Commonly called Beetle Green). The White Australorp is a solid white chicken.

Australorp Chicken  1

In 1922 and 23, 6 hens were used in a test and they laid 1857 eggs between them making an average of 309.5 eggs per gen. Like Opie on the Andy Griffith show I have a hard time seeing the 1/2 egg. Now remember, these hens did not have any artificial light or supplements like we have today! The new record is 364 eggs in 365 day by one hen! This is amazing!

The Australorp is known to be very good nest sitters and mothers, making them one of the most exceptional large, heritage utility breeds of chicken.

Australorp Chicken weights:

  • Rooters: 10.5lb
  • Hens: 92lb.
  • Cockerel: 7.9lb
  • Pullet: 7.9lb

Characteristics of the Australorp Chicken:

  • Dual Purpose: Yes
  • Egg Laying: Great 5-6 large brown a week
  • Winter Hardy: Yes
  • Confinement: Bears this well Docile: Yes, especially
  • Broody: Yes and a very good setter
  • Personality: Very sweet and shy birds

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Black Australorp Photo by: “Anjwalker”

White Australorp Photo by: “Hagen Graebner” and liscened under the Wiki Commons.

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