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The Best Rat Poison When and How to use Them!

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The Best Rat Poison

Best Rat Poison
It is important to get the best rat poison in order to eliminate the reproduction of rats on your property or in your home.  Why is this?

Due to the short gestation period of rats, they breed quickly and multiply at alarming rates. Along with mice, they are very destructive pests and are known to even bite you in your sleep.

They not only damage property but leave their feces all over your home which can be quite a grotesque sight. These rodents are definitely a pain. Therefore, rat infestation should be dealt with as soon as possible.

To get rid of this menace, one can employ two methods. Rodenticide baits which are toxic or one can opt for natural baits considered non-toxic. It is important to note that toxic baits are harmful to all animals including your pets or any animals in the wild. Extra pre-caution should be taken when using them near your kids or pets.

The attic is a very common hiding/residing area for rats. There is plenty of food for them though inadequate water. Snap traps are recommended though, with time, the rats may evade the traps. In this case scenario, rodenticides would be the next viable option. Due to the inadequacy of water in the attic, the best way to trap these rats would be through a water based rodenticide.

Following are the Best Rat Poisons we found

MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse and Rat Liquid Concentrated Bait is an example.

Product Description
* The active ingredient in this poison is Diphacinone. Water is added to 1.7 ounces of a bottle with the solution. Mice and rats constantly need water and therefore this liquid poison is highly effective for control of rodents devoid of water. The solution is affordable and you will notice a significant difference in just a week.

If the rats are in your household, your kids’ and pets’ safety is a valid concern you might have. Some products such as Tier 1 Bait Station have been designed for this purpose. They work to enhance the safety of your pets and kids, while still rid you of the rodents that have taken refuge in your home.

Product Description
Tier 1 Bait Station* This Tier 1 Bait Station is designed solely for safety. It is a disposable rat bait station that is made from strong material resistant to tampering from both children and pets. A great quality of the station is that it is also resistant to weather and therefore can be used outdoors and indoors. The station is highly effective and has been proven to kill up to 10 rats. Read the instructions on the packaging for a guide on how to place it in different areas.

Scientific American reports that a lot of dogs have died as a result of eating poisons. It is also highly advised to regularly inspect your yard for dead rats. If eaten, poisoned rats can cause animals to fall really sick. Even more wild animals, tens of thousands to be precise, are killed by rodenticides. This can either be directly, through ingesting the rodenticide, or indirectly, through consuming the dead poisoned rats. The latter is especially true for some birds such as hawks and owls.

Consider RatX pellets as a safe solution for your pets and the surrounding wild animals.

Product Description
* This is a natural method that is both eco-friendly and pet/animal friendly. All the products that make up the pellets are derived naturally. Therefore, with RatX pellets, your crops, pets and wild animals are safe from harm if they consume the pellets or the poisoned rats. It is an easy-to-use method and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.
Some other effective methods include;

JT Eaton Bait Block

* These blocks have a peanut butter flavor that attracts the mice and rats. It eliminates the rats just days after feeding. It consists of special products that form an anticoagulant block. These have been subjected to a lot of research and study applicable for these rapidly changing times. They are packaged in a tightly sealed pail. Purchase of these bait blocks gives you a one year warranty if necessary.

Neosorexa Gold

* This product focuses more on the feeding habit of the rodents. The goal is to appeal to the rodents so that they feed on the product. Using advanced bait improvements, it contains mixed grains that works to ensure the rodents feed more on the bait in the shortest time possible. This, of course, would mean a faster elimination of the vicious pests in your home.

Which is the strongest rat poison? You may ask. This is a trick question as there are a lot of rat poisons available in the market. Despite the varying degree of strength in the products, the main focus however, should not be the most toxic poison but rather on finding products that your rat will consume. This is where the problem might lie, as all poisons will ultimately kill your rat. Here are some of the things you can do to ensure this;

1. The baits should be placed in areas with common rat trails.
You’ve probably seen the rats scurry away more than once in the same location. This is highly likely a common path used by the rats. As expected, they will no go out of their way to find these stations. The bait stations come with magnetic mounts that allow secure placement in various regions.

2. Remove any food from the surrounding areas.
When it comes to food, rats are not choosy. They feed out of garbage cans, dog poop, spilled seeds, garments, etc. For the bait to seem attractive to the rats, make it the only available food source present. They should not be spoilt for choice. It’s safe to say that keeping your attic and living area clean will increase the probability of the poison being consumed by the rats.

3. Train the rats.
Believe it or not, rats can be quite the intelligent pests. That is why they sometimes evade traps, commonly referred to as ‘bait shyness’. You can use this to your advantage. Purposely make some food balls and place them in different areas you’ve seen them wandering about before. Do this for about four days. The rats will learn about his areas and will be sure to visit those areas daily.

On the fifth day, replace the food with poison baits. Check in the morning to see if it has been chewed on or completely removed. Remove the bait and replace it the following day with fresh bait. By the end of the week, your entire rat population should be poisoned and you’re well on your way to a rat-free house.

The Best Rat is a Dead Rat

Best Rat Poison
If you have used other products you think we should include here as some of the best rat poison please feel free to leave us a comment below or on our Contact Us page.

If you think your pet has ingested poisons of any kind be sure to get in touch with a Veterinarian to get proper care and medications.

N/B: Exercise extra precaution especially around kids and pets. Keep the original packaging of the rat poison in the event of accidental poisoning. Different antidotes and hotlines are provided on the package labels.

If you need assistance getting rid of rodents around your home, whether it be Rats, Mice, Racoons, Etc. Get Free Quotes from our Professional Exterminators. It cost you nothing to ask.


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